Start-Up Wrestling Media Company Announces New DVD Series


March 10, 2013

Tampa, FL – Tampa based start-up company Hope Wrestling has announced over the weekend its first original DVD Series, Wrestling University. Wrestling University will give viewers a look at the inner workings of professional wrestling schools across America. The series will provided in-depth interviews with the trainers, candid interviews with the students, and an inside view of these wrestling schools in action. For those who have dreamed about becoming a pro wrestler.. this series is a must see!

About Wrestling University: HOPE Wrestling brings to you… our first original DVD series: Wrestling University! For everyone who grew up with the dream of one day stepping inside the squared circle and competing as a pro wrestler… this is one series that you absolutely can’t miss! Wrestling University will be giving you an exclusive inside look at professional wrestling schools across the country. You will get to see candid interviews with those who are training the next generation of pro wrestling superstars! Learn their philosophies on training and what it takes to make it in this business. See what the students put themselves through for the chance to make their dream a reality. Get an exclusive look inside the school and see a class in action! Wrestling University takes the “shoot” interview to an all new level when you hear what these trainers have to say! What’s wrong with most wrestling schools? Learn how to choose the right school. Learn what you can expect from your training. Find out just What comes next.

About Hope Wrestling: Hope Wrestling is a new company based out of Tampa, FL. that will be building its business around creating new and innovative pro wrestling multimedia products for sale on DVD, and with YouTube programming. [email protected]