Statement Issued Regarding Michael Hayes’ WWE Status

WWE issued the following statement to PWInsider regarding reports that Michael Hayes has been suspend from the company:

“Michael is taking a leave of absence for personal reasons.”

As noted earlier, Bauer revealed on the most recent episode of the “Bauer and Pollock Podcast that Michael Hayes has been suspended indefinitely by World Wrestling Entertainment for offering alcoholic beverages to Rosa Mendes just days after she returned to the company after a stint in rehab for substance abuse.

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  • Jeff Rittenour

    oh, I thought he had a klan rally to attend….

  • Ralph Ramos

    michael “bs” hayes. He’s gonna be spending a lot more time in “Bad Street” now that he’s suspended. He did so keeping with his trashy ways. Some people never grow up. Keep up the good work doc hendricks, you rocker wanna-be. You can join ric flair now and party like the sophomoric dorks that you are.

  • Jeff Wilson

    No big loss to WWE. From what I have heard…Hayes is horrible at creative writing which is why he was thrown into booking talent events.

    I’m sure they can get anyone to book events.

  • themans

    a lot of these old fools need to be gotten rid of .