Stephanie Defends Orton and HHH, Comments from Los Matadores, JR


– The first “An Evening With Jim Ross – The Voice of Wrestling” event took place last night in Manchester, England. Ross commented:

“Great show in Manchester last night. Sold out tonight in Glasgow @ Hilton. HUGE travel day. MAN-Glasgow-London Heathrow for Wed am flt.”

– The Los Matadores Twitter account tweeted last night after RAW:

“Desde la Madre Patria para el mundo… Pronto se sentira el Ole!! #WWEole”

This translates to:

“From the Motherland to the world … Soon you will feel the Ole! #WWEole”

– While she didn’t appear on last night’s RAW from Phoenix, Stephanie McMahon took to Twitter to defend the action of Triple H and Randy Orton:

“My husband, @TripleH is a powerful businessman who stands up for his wife and his family. Our Champion @RandyOrton is shining. #RAW”

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  1. Orton and HHH are both jerks, Big Show should have knock both out all cowerds Big Show ziggler hendry miz all cowerds RATHER WATCH TNA where wrestlers get a chance WWE destroy Bryan and you going loose the best you got

    • if you go to, you can read the three page interview triple h, does where he goes in depth about the business and the Daniel Bryan story line

    • Come on its not the first time you haven’t seen it SHAWN MICHAELS taken the beating, HHH, SCSA, UNDERTAKER, THE ROCK, CENA, Orton taken the hit its like to join you need a beating he getting a beating.

  2. The Bryan, Orton, HHH ,Vince and Stephanie storyline is weak.. And saying once again Los Matadores is one (maybe the dumbest) gimmicks. The top slot for the dumbest gimmick goes to the John Cena rap battles

      • I’m a punk rock fan. Rap isn’t my thing at all.. but I liked Cena’s gimmick when he was the rapper. It was funny and entertaining. Now, he’s boring.

  3. It was the 3rd evening with Jim Ross following nights in Cardiff and London over the weekend. attended London on Sunday night and JR gave the sold out theatre a great night.

  4. Daniel Bryan is going to win the title back just not at Night of Champions and maybe no other pay per views this year. Daniel Bryan is one of wwe’s long term investments. Their going to build him up really well. Look how over he is with the fans now. I can see him feuding with Orton, Ambrose, Punk, and Cena when he returns from injury. The time isnt right to put it on him right now. WrestleMania makes the perfect venue for him to win the WWE title. Why not win it on the grandest stage of them all?

  5. So much for the anti-bulling campaign and the PG rating. WWE story lines are horrable. McMahons need to stay behind the camera and never slither out again.


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