Stephanie McMahon Informs Big Show he has no choice but to face Daniel Bryan: Raw, Sept. 2, 2013

  • Gregory Johnson

    This is the most pathetic story line I have seen
    in years for the narcissistic McMahon family. Please stay behind the cameras and
    let the wrestlers wrestle. 13 minutes before getting the first match is
    ridiculous. You can’t act and nobody cares. Big Show should have knocked all of you out, now that would be good for business.

    • Rene Ramirez

      In the words of Stone Cold Steve Austin HELL YEA But Show is going be with the HHH on this one He the Backstubber of the WWE pretends to be friend then turns on everybody

    • lonnii

      in the past the opening segment was at least 15 minutes long usually with no fighting involved. it was “good for business” then and still is. it works.

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    You made him cry b****, as a fellow giant I found that racist.