Stephanie McMahon Invites WWE HOF’er to Monday’s Raw

Apparently the Rhodes Family angle will continue on Monday’s Raw, as Stephanie McMahon has invited WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes to this upcoming Raw. Stephanie tweeted the following:

“@WWEDustyRhodes please accept this invitation to attend RAW this Monday in Cleveland. I have a business proposition for you. Thank you.”

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  • Ralph Ramos

    I don’t like where this is going. First, they humiliate Cody Rhodes by having him lose his job because he didn’t beat Randy Orton. Then they do the same to Goldust (No big deal, since he’s no longer a regular). Now, they wanna humiliate Dusty Rhodes.
    Plus look at all the other nonsense they’ve been up to. My prime example of this is having Damien Sandow (Dubbed a future World Champion) lose to that clown Santino Marella. What the hell is going on here? Plus they have Dolph Ziggler lose to that steroid freak Ryback and also scratch his match at Night of Champions, having Randy Orton defeat RVD when he should’ve been disqualified for blatantly DDTing him outside the ring in front of the referee, and Daniel Bryan getting jumped from behind by The Shield or Randy Orton every single week. This is not best for business. If this is how things are gonna run, then I ain’t buying Night of Champions, or any other ppv.

  • Gregory Johnson

    WWE is more pathetic then ever!