Stephanie McMahon Referred To As a Wrestler, WCW’s Biggest Losers, More


– Embedded below is the interview with Triple H by Michael Cole that was posted on earlier this week.

– WWE included a three-year booking agreement with Stephanie McMahon that refers to her as a “wrestler” in their latest 10-Q.

– Billy Gunn is celebrating his 50th birthday today.

– WWE published an article early this morning looking at the WCW’s 15 biggest losers.

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  1. Hey, she might as well be a wrestler if she wants to talk tough and slap the big show around. Maybe they can get her a match with Hornswoggle, or that local that local jobber for ec3.

  2. Man, there are some real ugly guys on WCW’s biggest loser list. I would like to add these 10 guys, who certainly were top jobbing artists as well.
    1. Frank Williams. He never won a match, and always got his ass kicked by everybody (Even his wife, j/k).
    2. Salvatore Ballomo. He was a lot like Williams, but a little better. At least he would put up a little comeback before his demise.
    3. Dale Vecey. I vaguely remember him, but I do remember that he never won a match.
    4. George South. He wasn’t that bad of a wrestler, but he could never get over the hump.
    5. Brooklyn Brawler. This tough guy wanna be was exactly that. His bark certainly was bigger than his bite, as he would lose every match, except when they threw him a bone to try to sell his tough guy image and feed him a Frank Williams.
    6. Mike Jackson. Good thing he had 2 master degrees because his win-loss record sucked. For a jobber, he was actually really skilled and put up some good fights against the stars of the NWA in the 80s.Too bad it was for not.
    7. SD Jones. Although his win-loss record was nothing to shake a stick at, he was actually in the 1st Wrestlemania against King Kong Bundy (Which shows you how depleted of talent the WWE was in 1985). Jones lost his match in like 7 seconds.
    8. Terra Ryzing. What? Terra? A girl’s name? And he certainly wasn’t terrorizing anybody (at least for a while, until he became HHH).
    9. Outback Jack. The WWE tried to ram this guy down our throats, but he was pretty bad. Outhouse Jack is more like it.
    10. Red Rooster. They turned a very good wrestler (Terry Taylor) into a dorky character and gave him almost jobber status. What a waste of a true talent.

  3. did they have Snake Brown?….he was by far the coolest jobber ever…watch some of his stuff…dude was hiliarious


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