Stephanie McMahon Responds to ‘Be a STAR’ Criticism

Dating back to 2011, WWE has been promoting the anti-bullying campaign ‘Be a STAR,’ with carries a mission to “ensure a positive and equitable social environment for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation through grassroots efforts beginning with education and awareness.”

The program, however, has drawn criticism as many of the on-air scenes and WWE storylines tend to counter the goals of the campaign, such as Ryback’s bullying persona and numerous instances of Jim Ross being ridiculed. Stephanie McMahon addressed criticism of the campaign in a Twitter message on Wednesday.

When a fan asked Stephanie, “What do u say to those fans who say @WWE is going against their own Anti-Bullying campaign w/ showing HHH & Ryback bullying?” In response, she said the bullying that occurs on WWE programming should be strictly viewed as entertainment.

“No diff than bullying in a movie,” wrote McMahon. “WWE is Entertainment @beaSTARalliance is real.”

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  • good on you Stephanie!

  • Mitchell Nance

    If the villains of a story aren’t allowed to engage in socially unacceptable behavior, then how are they even villains?

    • Chewbucky

      They hug each other after sharing a piece of pie at the end of each episode

  • Phantom90

    Some people are too stupid to differentiate entertainment from reality. If you don’t like that bullies are being portrayed as part of the show then nobody is forcing you to continue watching, JUST CHANGE THE CHANNEL DUMBASS!!

  • Gregory Johnson

    The problem is bulling is not entertainment by any means. So don’t pretend it is ok, when you are suppose to have a PG rating and promote an anti-bulling campaign. Get back behind the camera and let the performers actually perform in the ring, instead of your pathetic storylines.

    • Whiplash

      This is CLEARLY a build up for someone to stand up to the bully. ANNNNNND they are portraying the bullying in a negative light. Any buddy who doesn’t get this needs to be bullied for being an idiot. lol

      • Gregory Johnson

        Wow aren’t you a genius. You’re the idiot for trying to bully through a keyboard. Get a life!!!

        • Whiplash

          I take it since you replied to my insult but not to my argument you concede defeat?

  • Ronald Ryan

    no one never saw Andre or the Undertaker or Jake the snake bully people ,

  • Disccus

    What about babyfaces bullying opponents about physical features like their weight? Didn’t an extremely face Cena and an extremely face King spend an entire segment making fat jokes about Vickie Guerrero?

  • PUNKem733

    The s*** they pulled on Mickie James, calling her piggie james and s***, was f***ing ridiculous.

  • Nathan ‘Snapshot’ Wilson

    that’d be like saying denzel washington is just like the character he played in training day. wrestlers are just actors who do their own stunts and put their bodies on the line day after day to entertain their fans.

  • Rene Ramirez

    Im starting to understand whats going on here people. In the ECW days Paul Hayman had a small company so what did he do? Instead he put Hardcore Matches Tables Matches and other PPv matches, they saw another small company putting PPv on TV first Woman ladder Match Torrel vs Kim on Tv to Wwe had to put better matches on tv also tables match no DQ plus every year NFL start season to attrack viewers they are doing specialty matches Both WWe and TNa realize this. TNa will never on this era will compete against WWE they’re under growing process. Maybe 5 yrs from know but not know. Changes on the exects Vince is getting older an tired he won’t last long active so he passing the torch as say. HHH and Steph taking over so in order for transfer of power Vince is allowing for some thing bigger maybe just getting to appeal more viewers like in the attitude erea if the power to be to gather that power they must get out of the pg era. I hate wat they did to Bryan but read a comments HHH made of the direction there going and i see know. NEW MANAGEMENT NEW ATTITUDE AND NEW DIRECTION LETS SEE HOW THIS GOES. Most here Don’t like TNA neither an wishing it gone but frankly I see that WWE is looking at this company for new ideas. They will grow regarless off oppinions but some people that create this rumers need to know without competition how is the bussiness going grow and only TNA is the closes they can get. TNA challenge WWE a few years back only company to get on tv since WCW and ECW went down. So let TNa grow they make mistakes but still hanging on people sorry for misspell been a fan for over 30 yrs an a bad wrighter

  • Ralph Ramos

    S***. Are you kidding me? All this big deal over anti-bullying? A lot of people take wrestling way too seriously. They act as if everything they see is real. For those that do, get a life! Its not worth getting butt hurt over! Life’s too short! Personally, I prefer to state my views (Like the rest of you), but have fun with it at the same time. Some people don’t get the “Have fun with it” part though because they live life with blinders on.

  • Joe

    Call me old fashioner but young kids learn personality traits from their parents. Maybe if parents spent more time with their kids than the TV, there will be a lot less aholes out there