Stephanie Ruins Game Reveal, WWE Performance Center News, Toys


– WWE has a new construction toy line coming out soon with The Bridge.

– The new WWE Performance Center that opens up in Orlando this June will be modeled after a college football or pro football training facility. There will be several different rings set up plus a gym and coaching staff.

– As noted before, Stephanie McMahon revealed over WrestleMania weekend that The Rock will be on the cover of the WWE 2K14 video game. This was originally supposed to be a major reveal and there were people unhappy that Stephanie ruined those plans.

2K Sports is new to working with WWE and were “freaking out” at first. The idea was to do the reveal sometime in the near future and have Rock on RAW to promote it. Rock’s people have told the Take Two Interactive people that he will be able to promote the game this year.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. Like Rock hasn’t been featured on the cover of other WWE games before? Who gives a s*** except the idiots thinking The Rock’s surprise feature is going to save their game from being trash. Get the game right assholes!

    • Go f*** yourself you stupid f**got. The WWE video game is great this year, and it’s great every year. You’re just another ignorant hater, sucking the d*** of that overrated, outdated, old peice of crap No Mercy s***, living in the past, ignoring all the good games today because you talk s*** without having any idea what you’re talking about. Choke on a d***.


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