Stephanie Sells Stocks, Attendance Issues at WWE Tapings, Divas

– WWE Diva Eva Marie turns 29 years old on Thursday while Renee Young is also celebrating a birthday this week. The other Divas celebrated their birthdays with a big cake at last night’s SmackDown tapings.

– Our correspondent Joey from noted that last night’s SmackDown tapings from Cincinnati, Ohio was far from a sellout. There were a lot of empty front row seats on the side opposite of the camera view and the entire upperdeck on all sides of the arena was tarped off.

– Stephanie McMahon sold more of her WWE stock on Monday. She sold 19,984 shares at an average price of $9.99 a share. Last Friday, she also sold 5,468 shares at $10.12 per share. Stephanie still has 51,945 shares under name with a market value of over $500,000.

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  • Matthew DeAngelo

    She won’t have any stock left soon if she keeps selling it every week

    • allan

      She has a lot though and selling stock in a dieing ndustry is smart plus hh will get Vince’s so thats why steph is selling hers so it can go to people who want the company to make it and help the company and she doesn’t need hers with hhh,of course if they got separated he might try to take the whole company from the McMahons

      • Matthew DeAngelo

        You really think if Paul and Stephanie got divorced he would even have a chance at owning WWE?

        • Carter Williams

          It’s not that far fetched really. If Stephanie sells off all her shares like she’s doing and IF and it’s a big IF allan is right and HHH were to get all of Vince’s shares it’s possible. Shane sold all of his shares years ago and not sure if Linda has any or if she would even care enough to try and stop control from leaving the family hands. It’s possible HHH could get majority ownership but unlikely.

          • Matthew DeAngelo

            Very unlikely. I mean how would he get Vince’s shares, when Vince dies I doubt he’d leave Paul in charge. Don’t forgot the McMahons own 70% not 100%

          • Carter Williams

            That’s why I said it’s a big IF. 70% is still controlling interest in the company. What will most likely happen is that Vince’s shares will be split between all his heirs, I don’t see him just giving them all to one person. Vince is already grooming Paul to run the company when he’s gone, while he probably won’t have sole majority control of the company, he’ll still be the big boss in charge.

  • Iduhloser

    I wonder if this isn’t part of some angle…J.R. or Paul Heyman, maybe Hogan, comes back in charge?