STF Underground Ep. 23 – AEW Fight For The Fallen & WWE Extreme Rules Predictions, What Does IMPACT Have To Do To Compete? PLUS: Part 2 of Interview With Jarek 1:20


Welcome once again to another episode of STF Underground! In this episode we cover:

  • AEW
    • Fight For The Fallen Predictions
    • Will this Buy-In be better than the last?
    • Storyline development moving into weekly television show
    • Which match will steal the show?
  • IMPACT Wrestling
    • What Does IMPACT Wrestling Have To Do To Be Considered A Major Player?
    • Slammiversary Breakdown
    • What match stole the show?
  • WWE
    • General News
      • WWE Leaving Behind The PG Era?
      • Slam Crate Controversy
      • Evolve Being Promoted on Raw/Smackdown LIVE
    • Raw/Smackdown Reviews
    • Is Seth/Becky’s current booking reducing their “likability”?
    • Kevin Owens’ Promo
    • WWE Extreme Rules Predictions



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