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STF Underground Episode 60 – Analyzing BTE 200, Is Seth Rollins The Best 1st Contender For Drew McIntyre? Which World Champion Should Lose Their Title First?



STF Underground

Welcome back once again to another episode of STF Underground!

In this episode, we talk about Being The Elite 200 and the match between Matt and Nick Jackson. We also ask where BTE goes from here?

Also, is Seth Rollins the best first contender for Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship? Also, out of Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre, Adam Cole, & Jon Moxley…which one of these champions should be the first to lose their world championship?


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Chris Jericho Reveals Who Is The Most Underrated AEW Wrestler



Chris Jericho recently revealed who he believes it the most underrated member of the AEW roster at the moment.

The AEW star spoke with David Penzer on Penzer’s ‘Sitting Ringside’ podcast, where he admitted that his upcoming Winter Is Coming opponent, Frankie Kazarian, is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the business.

“There’s not a more underrated guy in AEW and maybe even in the wrestling business than Frankie Kazarian. That guy has a great match every week. Doesn’t matter if he’s on Dynamite, if he’s on Dark, if he’s in a singles match or a multi-team match, whatever it may be. He brings it every night so when I saw that, I’m like, ‘Man, I’d really like to have a match with him’ so, that’s kind of how this whole storyline was started and kind of tie in Chris Daniels as well so, it’s always cool when you find guys that have been around for such a long time that you never even touched. It’s like finding this rare piece of gold if you’re coal mining or something where you just can’t believe this has just been there all this time and I’ve never come into contact before so, it’s gonna be a fun couple of weeks for sure.”

Jericho also touched on the career of The Undertaker, discussing how they never really crossed paths in a major way at WrestleMania, but admitted they could have one of the top storylines today if it was booked.

“But other than that, Undertaker was at the top of the top and I was kinda wavering up and down, never in between. If Undertaker was still there and I went back today and challenged him to WrestleMania next year, that would be one of the biggest matches you could have, but that is because of the work I’ve done over the last four years. So, it was never really seen as the main event, even when I was in the main event of WrestleMania against Shawn [Michaels] and against Hunter, Taker was doing other stuff as well so we just were never peaking storyline-wise at the same time to be worthy of that WrestleMania spot because once again, it was always about the streak until Brock [Lesnar] beat him whatever year that was and I think I was gone at that point, or close to it. So, to go up with The Undertaker, you know you were one of many that was gonna fall so you had to be the right guy because most people knew, ‘Oh, he’s gonna lose anyway’ so it was hard to create a storyline with him and we just never crossed paths at the right time to do that.” (H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.)

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The Young Bucks Discuss Their T-Shirt Popularity & Working With Hot Topic



The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks are notorious for their merchandise, and being top sellers, which included them getting their shirts in Hot Topic stores.

The AEW Tag Team Champions were recent guests on Talk Is Jericho where they discussed the rise in popularity for their shirts and how they began experimenting with ideas to see what would happen.

“Our shirts, they got popular off of Pro Wrestling Tees basically. That’s where everybody picked them up,” Matt noted. “We grew with them. We were one of the first five wrestlers to open up a shop with Ryan Barkan at Pro Wrestling Tees. We got really good at designing shirts because at that point, we weren’t afraid to try things, because if people hate it, they don’t buy it. There’s nothing in stock. There’s no loss.

“So we started really experimenting with funny things and great ideas, designs that maybe I wouldn’t print up 1000, maybe I’ll get stuck with 999. Any time we would say a thing or do a thing, we would have a shirt the next day, and you could never do that in the t-shirt business. It would take weeks to get a shirt, and here it is, I would say something on a Saturday or have a viral video, and by Sunday, I have a new shirt. That’s what changed the business for us, and that’s what got our shirts everywhere.”

The brothers then revealed a funny story about how Hot Topic was blown away with how many of their shirts that they saw during a WrestleMania weekend. The company actually contacted WWE to get a deal with them, not knowing that the tag team didn’t work with the company.

“They were just blown away, and they’re like, these are the shirts we need at Hot Topic,” Matt said. “No offense to all these other shirts, this is what I’ve seen the most of.

“They contacted WWE,” Nick revealed. “They said, ‘We want The Young Bucks t-shirts and the Bullet Club t-shirts,’ and they go, ‘Uh, they don’t work for us. Go find someone else.'”

Obviously, they would eventually get in contact, and The Young Bucks discussed how the process went on getting so many of their shirts into the stores all around North America.

“So they get in touch with Ryan,” Matt continues. “Ryan tells him, ‘Yeah, I work with these guys,’ and Ryan got with me. And I talked to Hot Topic, and they said, ‘We would like to put some of your shirts in our stores.’ ‘Absolutely.’ So we made a deal to get Young Bucks stuff in, and Ryan, who worked with New Japan, he got a licensing deal to get the Bullet Club stuff in. They were just going to start with Bullet Club stuff and Young Bucks stuff, and they were going to try it in a couple of the shops.

“It wasn’t many, just to see what it would be like, and the eleventh hour, they decided, you know what, we’re gonna throw Kenny’s in there too because we want the three. So we started with the three, and I don’t remember the exact number of stores, but they put them out. They said they’d never seen anything like it, they were sold out immediately. So within, I want to say 24 hours, Hot Topic already reached out to me and they’re like, we’re going to every store in North America. We’re like, ‘oh my God.'” (H/T to for the transcriptions.)

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Darby Allin Discusses Jeff Hardy Comparisons: “I Feel Fine About It”



Darby Allin

Darby Allin has been compared to Jeff Hardy a lot since joining AEW, and he recently spoke about those comparisons.

The current TNT Champion spoke with Inside The Ropes where he admitted that he’s never tried to get compared to Jeff, but he is fine with them happening.

“I feel fine about it,” said Allin. “You know, I never searched to get compared to Jeff Hardy, like I never care to compare – but if it’s there, it’s there. But to me, there’s always one Darby Allin and one Jeff Hardy.”

When it comes to potentially working with the WWE legend, admitting he would love to do that. But while Jeff is in WWE, his brother Matt shares a locker room with Darby at AEW, which is a match he is also interested in having.

“Yeah, absolutely. I would love to step in the ring with someone who is as creative and driven as artistically as he is, I feel like he would always be able to go. Even with Matt, I want to step in the ring with him and just create some art.”

While Darby is currently feuding with Team Taz, he made it clear during the interview that his next major goal is to main event a PPV event for the company.

“I want to make the TNT Championship one of the most important things in professional wrestling, period. I want to main event a pay-per-view. That’s a big one. So right now the TNT Championship is my biggest concern and then main-eventing a pay-per view.”

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