Sting Q&A: WWE, Why He Watched Taker vs. HBK Match, More

– Rihan of the Road to WrestleMania 30 blog in the UK attended Sting’s Q&A show at Camden Highlight Club in London last night. He noted that Sting got a great ovation and was very tight lipped about his future but it appeared that he’s signed with WWE based on some answers that were given. A playlist from the Q&A is above and Rihan passed along these highlights:

* He want to face The Undertaker in his last match. He’s not interested in fighting other opponents in WWE or independent promotions

* He was on YouTube doing research by watching the Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels match

* Hasn’t watched the TNA product since he left, but has been purposefully (his exact words) watching RAW for the past few weeks

Other highlights:

* Mentioned his three favorite matches were vs. Flair for 45 minutes at Clash Of Champions 88, his first World Title victory and Starrcade 97 vs. Hulk Hogan

* Mentioned he disliked working with Vampiro in WCW & he wasn’t fond of working with Robocop

* Mentioned he didn’t feel that Hogan took his spot when he joined WCW

* Rated Shawn Michaels & Kurt Angle as top two wrestlers

* Credited Scott Hall for giving him the idea behind the Crow look

* Responsible for Goldberg joining WCW as he used Lex Luger & Sting’s Atlanta gym

* Disappointed about not having a proper feud with Bret Hart in WCW

* Sting couldn’t remember who the Dangerous Alliance were and doesn’t follow the product so was unable to mention a favorite match not involving him

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  • Chad

    So we’re going to have to wait until WrestleMania 31? Seems pretty much set in stone that it will be Taker vs. Lesnar at WM XXX, and since he “isn’t interested in fighting anyone else”. Maybe that’s one reason why its taken so long. I would like to see a match with him and Cena too. Heck, just seeing Sting in a WWE ring will be amazing.