Sting Reportedly Wrestling One Match In WWE Before Retiring Next Year


– There is now a working idea within WWE that Sting will wrestle one match and then retire, which everyone presumes will be against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 in California.

There’s still no confirmation that WWE will make this known at WrestleMania XXX or on RAW the next night. The only thing that’s said to be certain right now is that Sting will do one last match.

Another Huge Match Rumored for WM 31, Big SummerSlam Rumor, Revealing New Diva Pics & GIFs, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Wow, I think he’d have a few more years left. He really looks good. Would like to see Sting vs Cena feud and Sting Punk feud, then, drop into WM with Taker.

  2. Sting is being told what Hogan was during his last WWE run…get healthy and get in shape.Sting wasn’t in the best shape there at the end for TNA.

      • Hogan was the same age when he faced the Rock at WrestleMania and he looked in killer shape.Sting wasn’t in the best shape he can be in last few yrs in TNA….that is what he is doing now!Training and gettig healthy.

      • Sting may not be in prime “Sting” shape, since he’s not in his 20s, 30s or 40s. Yes, the man just turned 55. None of us will have the athleticism and motor once we get to that age. It’s call Father Time, and it’s undefeated.

        With that said, he can still wrestle better than most, he doesn’t screw up or botch moves, he’s better on the mic than just about anybody – his character and his 30 years in the business show this.

        At the end of the day, Sting still has got that IT factor that makes him connect with the audience.

        I’d rather see Sting at 50% than no Sting at all. Sting at 50% is still more entertaining than most wrestlers today, and he is THE MAIN REASON I watched TNA and no longer do.

  3. sting spent his whole career out of wwe and is now in his 50s he will be lucky to pass wwes physical anyways but i still dont think he will ever wrestle in wwe.

  4. Wouldn’t it be cool if, at WMXXX, after Taker beats Brock, and strikes his trademark pose, we see STING in the distance, watching silently from the rafters?
    OR, the Shield makes another helicopter entrance, and STING is revealed to be piloting the copter?

    • The sting that didn’t talk for a year will show up after undertaker beats Brock…Let the mind games begin up to Wm 31

  5. Wm 31 card…..wwe championship…reigns vs triple h…icon match….sting vs undertaker….match fans want to see…Jeff Hardy vs Daniel Bryan….triple threat icon match…..cena vs rock vs Hogan…


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