“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Discusses Problems with Current Talent Today

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin discussed the young wrestlers of today in a guest column for Fighting Spirit Magazine.

“Today’s guys are very impressionable, and don’t really call it in the ring anymore. Some of the guys don’t know whether to s–t or wind their watch; when they get in the ring, they have some basics, but they’ve always been told exactly what to do before they go out there. Back in the day, we were calling it all in the ring; we didn’t have anything to be nervous about, because we didn’t have to remember anything. All I had to do was listen to a hellacious worker like Billy Joe Travis or Jimmy Jack Funk, trusting them to help lead me through it.

The guys today are on a big stage, and none bigger than WWE. It’s up to the promotion to bring these cats in light, establish them, and help them get over. You can’t just bring in someone new and expect them to work a Wrestlemania caliber match right away. If you give someone a monster push right off the bat, but don’t give them the base knowledge, it makes no sense to wonder why they s–t the bed. These kids are exposed after a few weeks of TV, because they don’t have the experience of what to do in that situation. The more knowledge you have, the better chance you have of being successful.”

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  • 316

    So true. Austin is truly the best!!

  • Austin is a Moran. Austin was fake. All he could do was throw the bird and drink some beers. if it wasn’t for his gift to gab , hed been gone along time ago.

    • JTM78

      You need to watch some of his early WWF and WCW matches he was a great wrestler his gimmick and injuries limited him during his hay day in in WWF/E

      • allan mccann

        dude your talking to this guy like hes saying austin was a bad “wrestler”. he putting over goldberg so i dont think it has anything to do with good “wrestling” lol he just think austin sucks which is not worth argueing over cause with your rocks,cena,taker,hhh theres always been people who thought they were overated..but never austin..hes consider to be the best of all time in the eyes of many that are considered that today. there is no argueing that austins time in wrestling was epicful as all hell

    • allan

      austin is college educated…you cant even spell “moron” stfu bro

      • Austin sucks and always will. Let me spell this out for you correctly ALLAN, AUSTIN SUCKS! Bring back Goldberg!!!!!!

        • allan mccann

          horrible arguement..like wow..you know goldberg doesnt give a s*** about wrestling right? or even its fans..he had a 2 year career and he just did it for the money. he has said this many times, get over it buddy . second even goldberg would say austin is legend if not one of the biggest of all time, austin was in that ring for almost 20 years ,he worked his ass off to be considered one of the best and is FAR more talented then bill goldberg..even ask goldberg id bet he would agree. show some respect son.

          • Thanks for you’re comment, you absolutely right 🙂
            Goldberg was good but Austin is and will be the best of all time

        • Goldberg was nothing more than a powerhouse. No PR, no real “talent”. If he hadn’t been so big he’d never made as far as he did.

  • allan

    i may get spamed for this but the talent back then was overated..it was a diffrent time,ideas were fresh,it was alot easier to get over..i talent now just doesnt compare cause everythings been done ,and wrestling wise,people say wrestling was better back in the day…it was mostly awful,..now people are athletic as s*** not just muscle heads,people are healthier,smarter and more focused. the average good match anywhere these days is a 5 star in those days.

  • allan

    the only thing better about back in the day was that guys were pushed the proper way..not in 30 sec squashes matches like most in wwe

  • BilderbergSuperstar

    thats why the territories where so important..

  • The only way for wwe to improve their younger stars performances is to put them with established workers who can teach them better. a great start is all the experienced indy stars they have signed.

    • allan

      bingo,thats how legends are made.

  • Padres4life

    Austin is the best of all time..no question about it, bigger than Hulk, bigger than The Rock…..no one will ever be as big as Austin.

  • Brad

    It’s not just that the control has gone downhill, but some of the money pro wrestling has made went elsewhere (UFC, Bellator, Pride, etc.). But back in the day, it was all about the matches. Now, it’s too much about looks, storylines, and cheesy gimmicks (or cartoon character like WWE Superstars).