‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin to Interview AEW President Tony Khan


WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin will interview AEW President Tony Khan. The interview will happen on Stone Cold’s podcast, The Steve Austin Show, which returns on June 18.

This is surely good news for AEW fans, who continue to follow Khan in the press. AEW’s President has been a very vocal spokesman for his company, which ran its first event with May 25’s Double or Nothing. The next two events, Fyter Fest and Fight for the Fallen, will take place on June 29 and July 13, respectively.

But it’s the August 31 event that has everyone talking. All Out sold out in 15 minutes, once again making history for the new promotion. There has already been some controversy over the sell-out however, as more than 65,000 people were left in the que without tickets, while tickets suddenly began appearing on the secondary market at inflated prices.

Austin’s interview with Khan could spark a different news story, as it seems that anyone within an arm’s length of AEW is supposedly interested in joining the company. While Austin is long since retired, the fact is that he’s not currently doing any sort of work on TV for WWE.

Of course that does not mean he’s headed to AEW, which is something that pro wrestling fans will surely discuss, just as they discuss the fate of anyone outside of Tony Khan’s company.