The Story Behind The ‘YES!’ Chant + SummerSlam Changes?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— As reported late Wednesday night here on the website, there has been some talk within WWE regarding the possibility of having Sheamus drop the United States Championship to Rusev as a way to enhance Rusev and Lana’s anti-American gimmick. The feeling is that the anti-American duo holding the “United States” championship would be good for getting Rusev and Lana some added heat with the fans.

At one point, the plan was for the Sheamus-Rusev title change to take place at the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view. While that is no longer the direction they are headed, there is still talk of doing that angle at some point down the line.

— For those keeping track of who deserves credit as the originator of the “Yes!” chant, Daniel Bryan claims to have first seen it when UFC fighter Diego Sanchez would do it for UFC weigh-ins and his ring walk for UFC fights. Sanchez, however, says he first learned it from a Tony Robbins seminar. So, I guess Robbins is the guy responsible for the “Yes! Movement.”

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