Surprise! – Major Creative Re-Writes At SmackDown

It was announced on Monday’s WWE RAW broadcast that Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio would take place on this week’s WWE SmackDown broadcast. After numerous creative re-writes at the TV tapings in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday, the match was changed to a 4 on 3 Handicap Match featuring Roman Reigns, John Cena and Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, Cesaro and Bray Wyatt.

This is just another example of the company going into RAW thinking they have the SmackDown main event set in stone. Once Vince McMahon and the creative team get together on Tuesday following RAW, they constantly change things. This happens almost on a weekly basis where there are major creative re-writes at both the RAW and SmackDown TV tapings. Plans are constantly changing within WWE and many on the creative team become frustrated due to it.