Taker Segment on RAW, WWE Announcers on HBK’s Show, DiBiase

– Several months ago we posted a trailer for a documentary on Ted DiBiase Sr. that was being done by his son Ted DiBiase Jr. and Peter Ferriero. Ferriero has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the movie. They are trying to raise $30,000 in the next month. To view the perks and donate, click here for their Kickstarter page.

– JBL and Michael Cole revealed on their latest radio show that Shawn Michaels and his MacMillan River Adventures show will be coming to Bermuda, where JBL resides, to do some fishing for a future episode. JBL and Cole will be on the show with the crew.

– WWE has confirmed that The Undertaker will deliver a “final message” to Brock Lesnar on Monday’s RAW from Washington, DC. Also set for RAW is Batista vs. Randy Orton in a non-title match.

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  • O’Neil Benjamin

    You know your Wrestlemania main even sucks when they wrestle a week before the show. If Bryan doesn’t walk out with the title I’m boycotting WWE for ever.

    • ALLAN

      ya if theres a triple threat or a 4 way some of the guys often wrestle each other 1v1 before the ppv. but i agree

      • O’Neil Benjamin

        That’s true, I remember when they would have triple threat matches and fatal four ways. They would normally have tag team matches or some singles matches the week before. Honestly Bryan needs to win. It’s his time now.