Tama Tonga On Styles, Balor, Gallows, Anderson: “We’re Brothers”


Tama Tonga recently sat down with the WINCLY podcast on WrestlingINC.com. The conversation touched on various wrestlers that “The Good Guy” would like to see join Bullet Club. Tama singled out The Revival, as well as former Bullet Club members AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows.

Transcriptions via Ross Kelly at WrestlingINC.com

“Guys are wanting to leave certain companies… The Revival – those guys have piqued an interest. Those guys are great workers and I always watch their stuff…

“There’s a lot of indie promotions we look at, especially in Australia and England. But that’s pretty much under wraps for now.”

Tama also said that he’d welcome back AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

“Oh yeah, in a heartbeat,” Tonga replied. “Those are our brothers, of course. They left on good terms with us. We’re brothers.”

Tama also commented on WWE’s reluctance to put Styles, Balor, Anderon & Gallows into a Bullet Club-like faction.

“They tried a couple of times with The Club thing. Did it go over well? I wasn’t paying attention at that time.

“Maybe they don’t wanna go back to something that was done before, especially somewhere else. From my understanding, WWE likes to do things on their own.”