Tammy Sytch Says She’s Not Doing Prostitution

Tammy “Sunny” Sytch generated another stir this past week by announcing she will be posing with fans in a bed for photo-ops at a wrestling convention in October. She stated on Facebook, “Your choice: for $50 you get to have your photo taken laying next to me in bed, and for $75 you can have your photo taken ‘spooning’ or with me lying my head on your chest! Was I your TEENAGE CRUSH?? Now is your chance to make that dream a REALITY!!!”

News of her idea garnered a lot of negative feedback from online commentators, with some comparing it to prostitution. She responded to the naysayers in a subsequent post on Facebook.

“I just love how some people are comparing the Photo Op at LOTR to prostitution… Im NOT HAVING SEX WITH YOU, YOU IDIOTS!!” she wrote. “We are simply smiling for a photo. When every TNA Knockout and former Diva offers the same Photo Op at conventions over the next year, will you say the same thing? NO. But because I am the Original, once again, I get scrutinized. Just face it…its brilliant. Just like I was the first one to do a Bikini Photo Op in Charlotte a couple years ago….then EVERYONE jumped into their bikinis. If you dont like it, dont buy it. Its that simple…but GET OVER IT!”

She continued, “Seriously, what would be the difference if it was on a couch? at a dinner table? Poolside? You know when you go to an amusement park, and you can get your picture taken dressed up in Wild West wear, youre not really zoomed back to the year 1785!! ITS THE ILLUSION OF A PHOTO!!!!

“I got into this business when every girl out there thought it was “corny” or “gay”…now there are thousands of girls BEGGING for a chance to do what I have done…. Same thing goes with my photo op ideas…. everyone will bash it, but then 30 other girls will do it on a convention after me…. sheesh. Get original! oh wait, thats what I do.”

In a follow-up post today, Sytch dubbed herself “the Queen of Controversy,” and added, “I wonder what I can conjour up next.”

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  • delrvich

    A pioneer in pro-wrestling, she is not…among other things.

  • Bobby Phoenix

    Sunny may have stumbled on some hard times lately, but she is still one of the best, and when you look back at girls in wrestling she is the first one to bring the “stuff”. She actually made me stare at the TV when she came out. Overall she is a first class wrestling girl. 🙂

  • SmellyAssCheeks

    Translation~ $150 for unprotected sex…and mystery STD…

  • Chris Schrader

    Tammy Sytch is one of the all time great Diva’s. A pioneer in the ring, she most certainly is not but as far as the Divas, she raised the bar when the WWE (WWF at the time) started depending more on internet coverage.

    It’s been raised higher over the years but she still deserves respect. I do know some people who have met her throughout the years, and she’s no stranger to controversial things but a prostitute she most certainly is not.

    She fell on some hard times but is just now starting to get herself together, but at least she’s doing something unique.