Tara Comments on the Direction Women’s Wrestling is Taking & Release from TNA


The Wrestling Observer published an interview with former TNA Knockout Tara. Here are some highlights from the interview.

On the current direction Women’s wrestling is taking: “I like the direction that the Divas are heading. I also think there are a lot of talented females on the indy scene that could shine in TNA. I’m not sure that I understand what direction they are heading. They say never say never in this business. But I’m comfortable saying I will never return to TNA. I feel like I am still in peak physical condition. I still am able to have great matches. I would like to continue to wrestle, but my plate is full right now. We are looking at more locations for the restaurant. We are looking to expand our brand. I have an offer on the table outside of wrestling that I’m considering. There is also a group that has approached me about starting a wrestling organization. I am blessed to be in the position that I am in right now. I’m considering my next move, and for the time being, I won’t be taking any more Indy appearances outside of those I’ve already committed to.”

On her release from TNA: “It was a surprise to me. I went to TNA because I wanted to work with some of the great female wrestlers that I hadn’t faced like Kong, ODB, and Sarita. TNA has definitely shifted their focus as far as the women’s division. It was really my love of wrestling that kept me going. I didn’t think it was the right fit for me anymore. My contract was up in a month or two. They knew I wasn’t going to re-sign. First, they had the travel guy call me and tell me I was released. Then Dixie called me later that day and said that it was a financial thing, and they knew I was ready to jump ship anyway. I think the classy thing to do would have been to give me the opportunity to quit rather than getting released. But at the end of the day, everyone got what they wanted.”

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    • Giving PPV’s away for free, and putting Tessmacher with Bully Ray are the only immediate things that come to mind, I guess… the AJ ‘face; turn, to retire Devon?

      Main Event Mafia should have been given a different name this time around, and guys like Sting shouldnt be in it. – should be headed by Saban.

      The Bully Ray thing seems to be going somewhere worth being – they should pull all the stops for that angle.

      (Edited twice, became random thoughts, I guess, lol).

  1. ‘I like the direction that the Divas are heading’.

    Translation: I’d like to go back to the WWE.

    ‘I also think there are a lot of talented females on the indy scene that could shine in TNA.’

    Translation: TNA’s Knockout division really blows right now.

    … but, then, I guess, she made it a lot more clear later on in the interview. Wow! lol

    • Love that TNA shows are making Vince put on better matches on Tv. Tna is the modern ECW table matches steel cages hardcore when has WWE put this matches for free on tv untill TNA did it Yes there doing something right surviving still need better direction Fire Hogan n B****off


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