Taz’s Failed Attempt To Get Back In WWE, Jerry Lawler’s Travel Woes


– Jerry Lawler was the butt of a lot of jokes backstage at Tuesday night’s WWE RAW TV tapings from Laredo, Texas.

After Monday’s RAW, Lawler stayed in Austin, TX overnight and then drove 3 hours the wrong direction on I-35… ending up in Dallas, not Laredo. The King had to call WWE and arrange a flight in order to make it to Laredo in time for the RAW taping.

Lawler got a lot of flack from the wrestlers and agents for now being able to make it to the right city after 40 years in the business.

– Prior to signing a new contract with TNA, Taz tried very hard to get back in WWE. Specifically, he wanted to return in time for WWE’s recent RAW taping from Brooklyn, NY. Taz called several people in WWE, but it soon became obvious that Executive Producer Kevin Dunn had no interest in bringing him back.

During a recent production meeting, WWE EVP Triple H said, “TNA doesn’t have anyone we need.”

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    • Yeah they do. Vince is running out of Titan class wrestlers, so, he’s gonna grab Matt Morgan. The rest of them I feel sorry for.

      • No they don?t.
        TNA don?t have ANYONE who
        would help the ratings.
        As sad as it is I think
        the only one from TNA who
        can help ratings would be Hulk Hogan
        because of how big of a name he is.
        But that would be short lived because
        then people get used to him being around
        they won?t turn in.

        • Hogan couldn’t help wwe in ratings if he was wrestling yes but as a manger side no Stone Cold would boast the ratings more then anything it would be like if the undertaker stopped wrestling became a gm it wouldn’t do no good

          • Hogan is the biggest name
            in wrestling history.
            Everybody names knows him.
            Hogan back in WWE would be
            something many would love to see.
            (I know this comment will be hated by
            the hardcore IWC guys).
            People who haven?t watched WWE
            in years would turn in to see that.
            And no. Hogan should not wrestle.
            Hogan should be signed on
            a legends deal like Flair is.
            Stone Cold isn?t a TNA guy
            so I can?t see how that is relevant
            for this conversation.

          • its a proven fact stone cold has bigger fan base then Hogan ever did he has sold way more mercendise Hogan never did boost any ratings anywhere he went when stone cold shows up it goes nuts Hogan is a no talent pansy and should go away he wasn’t useless as wrestler and even worst as a manager

          • Hogan was the main reason
            why Wrestlemania 3 sold 93.000+
            Your comments about Hogan
            is a sign of ignorance.
            You claim that he don?t have talent.
            Funny how he is the biggest
            name in wrestling then..
            Hogan wasn?t great in the ring
            but in that era most people weren?t.
            A guy like Ultimate Warrior was
            worse than Hogan in the ring
            and he ended up as one of the
            biggest wrestlers of all time.
            Then Hogan faced Rock at Wrestlemania
            18 guess who the fans chanted for?
            And Rock wasn?t a heel at that time.

          • andre also had helped with that 93 000 thank and the match of the night was randy savage and ricky the dragon the reason why he was the biggest name is because vince made it that way Put Austin and Hogan in the same area be yet Austin gets a bigger pop and Hogan had like 3 moves and you say most people in that era didn’t have talent ‘ now a you said sign of ignorance” Roddy Piper, million dollar man, rick rude, curt hening, Jake the snake big bossman , Hercules, Paul Ordorff, Randy Savage Ric flair Greg Valentine, Jimmy Snuka And as for The fans chanting for the Hogan over the so what . wrestlemania 6 fans where cheering more for the warrior survivor series 91 fans where cheering for The Undertaker by the who also had more talent then puke Hogan, Hogan a washed up bum with no talent

          • OMFG you are such a retard.
            Having the match of the night
            doesn?t mean you are the star.
            A guy like Cesaro have had the match
            of the night many times in WWE and guess what.??. He is not the biggest star.
            And where the f*ck did I say they didn?t have
            talent in the Golden Era?
            I said most wrestlers from that era wasn?t
            better than Hogan in the ring.
            And of course Austin got a bigger
            reaction than Hogan did.
            The Golden Era was almost like the PG Era.
            The crowd was full of kids,
            The Attitude Era was for men 18+
            where half of the crowd was drunk
            so of course they made more noise in the Attitude Era.. Use your brain for christ sake.
            BTW.. Big Bossman and Ted Dibiase
            wasn?t good in the ring.
            Hogan is a guy everybody knows.
            Not everybody knew Macho Man
            and not everybody know who Greg Valentine is.. Wanna know why?
            Becuase Hogan is a bigger star than them.
            The night after Hogan?s match with The Rock at Wrestlemania 18 the crowd
            would not stop cheering for Hogan.
            The problem here is that you
            hate Hogan and therefore can?t
            face facts.
            And you are judging him from how he is
            now and not how he used to be.
            I feel like I talking to a kid here…

          • hmm someone had there corn flakes pissed in lol for about 3 years Hogan was there biggest star then came Randy who came just as big then the warrior and as for the attitude era yes it was full drunks and they made noise and if not for the attitude era wwe would be wcw but sorry if I hurt your feelings about my Hogan bashing “Cough Loser Cough”. From the golden era of wrestling name 10 people who Hogan was better then ring wise But I will leave this alone can tell me talking down your “hero” hurts you bad so ill leave it By the way Hogan sucks Just ask Linda

          • Thia may surprise you to hear this and some other people as well but Macho Man was not only a better wrestler but probably more in demand after WMIII then Hogan. He not only did the slim Jim commercials but was asked to appear in numerous guest appearances. When he died someone even tried to get it passed into law that he be honored every year on that date. Now I’m not saying Hogan is a worth alot and he is known for his charity and working with kids but Macho was more liked.

          • Macho Man was without a doubt a
            better wrestler than Hogan but that
            was because he was way ahead of his time.
            In the Golden Era most of the wrestlers
            sucked in the ring but their
            gimmicks made up for it.
            Hulk Hogan is a bigger name than Macho Man. Period.
            I will bet my house on that more
            people know who Hogan is compared to
            how many who knows Macho Man is.

          • WTF?
            What about making the sentence
            make sense before you post.
            And no.
            Hogan is far beyond Macho Man
            then we talk fame.

          • Randy savage would be just as big of a house hold name as Hogan why wouldn’t he
            He did just as much for the wrestling industry as Hogan did. its ok though I get your too much of a Hogan ass kissing monkey see that randy is just as big of a name as Hogan is. Example what match at wrestlemania 3 was and still is the most talked about match at the event here’s a hint it wasn’t Hogan so what he slammed Andre and what else did he do in the match

          • Hogan was right place at the right time with the right promoter. Savage would have made it in any era.

  1. I feel bad for Taz. Kevin Dunn and or HHH is very Classless for making this public and as for HHH stating that the talent at TNA is of no interest to WWE; well, I guess I believe you since you’ve had most of them in the WWE and couldn’t do a thing with them. It wasn’t that they weren’t good so you guess the rest. WWE is the most boring stuff on tv. I can’t watch a match from beginning to end which is really sad considering they only last a max of 10 minutes. I think they get their ratings from people falling asleep and leaving the channel on them. The census only asks what channel you watch for one hour to the next, not if you stay awake or in the same room as the channel lol.

    • The WWE has always treated the competition like dirt. They have always purposely not acknowledged them because they felt they were number one by a long shot. The more things change, the more they stay the same. However, I was shocked when the WWE played tribute to Sting as one of the great World Champions. I guess they were trying to increase the value of their World title.

    • You can?t be serious right now?
      WWE have been way better than TNA since
      Wrestlemania 29.
      Watching Total Nonestop Hogan is like watching paint dry.

    • yeah well, they wonder why their ratings are like 1/5th at the most what they used to be in the attitude era…

  2. TNA is s*** all they have is Aries and if the Dudleys would team up again what else would you say is decent in TNA Christopher Daniels is 41 no knockouts compare to the Divas of the WWE. Kurt does he still wrestle!!!! Or does he just run around to make the OCD people feel less freaked. The Story line between Abyss/Christopher parks Him where’s his third alto ego kinda like Mick Foley? They have the spudster stupid or sabin he not cool by him self needs to be a motor city machine gun and Jeff hardy sucks Jeff hardy sucks hard. oh wait Lets give the title to THe 4 people that the wwe really really want Sting, Hogan, Dixie Carter, Bischoff.

      • Doesn’t matter its was Jeff Hardy who left. It could have been a matchups for future to come who are 3-1-3 against each other Hardy just sucks now. Does he even wrestle anymore Oh probably not youll see him on celebrity rehab next.
        Call from Jeff……… OH Dixie I am sorry I ruined your company I demanded 1 billion dollar contract and now your company now in shambles
        Dixie to jeff…………. That’s ok jeff as long as your ok I care about you I really didn’t care about the wrestling anyway that what Hogan and Bischoff and sting told me to say after they paid you that big check we would reel in those stupid ass people who actually think Jeff Hardy has talent. over all we made money since we had to go bankrupt.
        Jeff to Dixie ……….. Really Dixie so its a good thing what I did “snort” plus do you hear the needle go through the bone. Well Dixie I need you help I need 50 dollars I need to meet a man around the corner he is legit will you borrow me the money.


          • Bischoff wouldn’t be better he was running it behind the scenes. And in front of the Scenes people don’t want to see A Click or NWO they burnet it out Bischoff is best off was best before as announcer that’s what he was before he was a member of the NWO. It lack of storyline that’s what killing Tna lack of New bad guys and I don’t mean Booby Rhoode. The only man in that Company who can save that company is slimly is Austin Aries. People can hate him but he is more like CM Punk. The Dudley would make the tag team divison would make the tag team div good again. Gunner should be pushed for a major titile as a bad guy. Abyss should be back no Joseph park. If Bischoff to return make him a commentator like taz. Destroy the MEM And AE8s. Fire Sting, Hogan. Now I didn’t say I hated hardy make him TV Or X div or even make him find a tag partner much better. and go back to the org ring. Be different then the WWE.

          • i agree sting and Hogan need to go away give sting a short run in the wwe and hof even one run with the title but after that just go away

          • To put him in the Hof of course. See I don’t see sting as the bad guy in most of this I see Bischoff I see Dixie and Hogan they really destroy a once proud wrestle group that Jeff Jarrett started.

          • A run with a title..
            What kind of drugs are you on for christ sake?
            The man is 54 good god and he sucks in
            the ring now.

      • Ok I totally agree with that AJ they under use Its as if they care about more time with Kurt then with the org AJ he is just awesome. I forget about him WWE would be Retarded not to want him

  3. There’s a big difference between need and want. They don’t need anyone, but I’m sure they want a few guys.

  4. They will steal tna talent after those talents’ contracts expire in the near future. I dont know how you pass up Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Kazarian, James Storm, Robert Roode, Austin Aries. Triple H feels people who left wwe shouldnt be able to come back soo easily. Bump that I like to see Taz back on smackdown as commentator maybe even as a manager. Dont expect Daniel Bryan to win against John Cena. Which is stupid. WWE needs new ideas like annual tournament at survivor series, six man or eight man team warfare inside of the elimination chamber, hell in a cell, or a steel cage match. TNA and ROH are willing to cross the line why not WWE?

  5. Killer Kowalski would be dissapointed… I assume. Taz is someone who basically belongs in the hall of fame. The WWE bought ECW obviously for a reason.

  6. Ok I would love to jump in this conversation but HHH is right, there is no real big stars that WWE would like to have right now and the ways they wanted to sign is locked into long term deals with TNA aka Jeff Jarrett right now.

    The only one that has publically said he will try and come back to the WWE when his contract is up is Kurt Angle. He knew where his bread was buttered and everyone knows that TNA didn’t add any jelly to the mix.

    Taz for the most part is a joke, he gained 40-50 pounds since joining TNA. Those outfits they make him wear make him short of looking like Jabba the Hutt’s biker brother.

    The only true reason to watch TNA is not because of the X Division, its not to watch Jeff Hardy, but I think HHH would sign Hardy in heartbeat when his legal troubles are over., but the women. TNA women’s division for the most part could run circles over the so-called WWE Diva’s which is why WWE is negotiating to bring Stacy Keibler back to the WWE

    Last you guys talked about Sting, yes Sting should have been in the WWE/WWF when the Ultimate Warrior was here since they were “best buds” but because of the “bad treatment” that Warrior got, Sting never did sign the dotted line, but Sting knows that WWE has always been the respected wrestling organization, and he did comment that if he came to the WWE, it would be to face the Undertaker, which yes I would love to see that match.

    Thats what I have to add on this subject

  7. Also if Taz was serious about rejoining TNA, why didnt he try and contact the one person who probably could have pulled strings to get him back in WWE, Paul Heyman….Taz after all was one of Heyman’s mainstays at the height of ECW’s popularity. Shows you that Taz was all talk in this area.

  8. Taz only wanted more money, that’s all he’s about now. It was funny how fast he resigned with TNA after WWE said no. Dude loved wrestling but he’s like 99% of them now. all about a big paycheck. TNA isn’t going to last thru 2014, Jeff Jarrett never should have sold off TNA.

  9. Kevin Dunn was absolutely correct. Tazz was/is a horrible, horrendous announcer and the fact anyone hires him for that position is hard to believe. It always takes me back to the infamous Paul Heyman “shoot” a decade ago when he had Vince in the ring and started talking about Tazz how he was a “machine ” and then Vince made him an announcer “and not even a good one”. Let him stay in TNA. He just doesn’t cut it WWE


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