Teal Piper Discusses Ronda Rousey Using Her Father’s Jacket


Teal Piper recently spoke with Wrestling Inc where she discussed how she feels about Ronda Rousey using her father’s old jacket.

On Rousey using Piper’s jacket:

“I will not be wearing my dad’s gear if that’s what you’re wondering,” Teal said. “As far as getting anything back, I promise our family will have everything of his at some point, so, I’m not worried about that… Me personally, that’s the same jacket my dad put on me as like a five year old, you know? So I have such a sentimental appreciation for all of his stuff; I would feel weird wearing it to the ring. And more than that, especially as his kid, it’s a bit in-your-face to be showing up in his gimmick. I want to be my own person. So while my costume will have nods to him, it’s definitely not going to be the same style you see Ronda Rousey in.”

On being there when Rousey asked to use her father’s name:

“Ronda, for me personally, I wasn’t a huge MMA fan until she came on the scene and I just fell in love with her,” Teal explained. “Regardless of training with Judo Gene LeBell and coming from the same fighting family that my father came from, I just loved what she was doing for MMA. So I was already on her team when she came into the light, and I was actually in the room when she was talking to my dad about using the name ‘Rowdy’ back for MMA years ago. As far as knowing her personally, I only met her for the first time at WrestleMania this year. But I’ve really been honored that she has wanted to pay such a tribute to my dad, and I think it’s really cool for her and it’s really neat to see the Rowdy name main-eventing but for the first time as women at Wrestlemania this past year.”