Ted DiBiase’s Post-WWE Career Revealed


Ted DiBiase revealed to the Mississippi Business Journal that he will be working for an e-commerce website that targets college students.

“I loved my career in the WWE and I will forever be thankful for the opportunity to work in that industry,” DiBiase said in a press release release. “Leaving a job you love is not easy, but I believe so strongly in the future of CollegeGarageSale.com that I knew it was time to change my focus.”

The website includes Selling and Buying options for college students to list and purchase various school-related items.

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  1. The DiBiase Posse is in effect. Watch this man as he breaks the record for most hamburgers and hotdogs sold in a week while his old man signs autographs for the fans.

  2. So he leaves wrestling to work for a website which sells College books. Did he ever hear of Amazon? BTW he was a boring let down, I hope his younger brother is more interesting to watch.

  3. People are actually mad that he’s doing something that wont get him hurt? Grow up, it just shows wrestling is not all the glory everyone thinks it is. Congrats Ted on doing what you want to do


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