Teddy Long On Vince McMahon Paving The Way For African Americans In Pro Wrestling


– Future WWE Hall of Fame Teddy Long recently joined The Roman Show at the F.E.W. People’s Show in Miami, check out the highlights and video below:

On African Americans in professional wrestling:

“I think everything that is going to happen is going to happen. We have had African American world champions, we’ve had Afro American tag team champions, I think everything has happened. Take me for instance; I was the first Afro American to go this far as running a major wrestling company. I stayed in this position nine years as manager. Where can I go? I can’t go any higher than that. I am not a wrestler. Vince McMahon paved the way for Afro American guys that want to do something. It’s not up to Vince to make you a star because you’re African American, you have to be able to do something too.”

On working with Vickie Guerrero:

“It was outstanding. She was a sweet woman. It’s as sweet as she can be. The thing with Vickie and me, it got over because we became a team. We understood what our job was. We had a job for the people and give them what they want. Some of them were some of my ideas.”

On his start in pro wrestling:

“Things have changed. I started doing errands. I had the opportunity of being back there so my sixth sense told me I better start getting busy or make up stuff so you can remain back here.”


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