Tension Between Eva Marie & JoJo?, John Cena Comments on Proposing to Nikki

E! Online has posted two video clips from this past Sunday’s Total Divas After Party reunion show. John Cena discusses Nikki Bella moving in with him, noting that she is much more that a roommate to him, and that he is truly in love with her. When asked by Renee Young if he would propose to Nikki, Cena answered, “No.”

The other clip footage features Eva Marie arguing with JoJo about having to live, train and travel together. At one point Eva Marie states, “If I wanted my own kids, I would have them myself,” referring to JoJo’s “It’s taking a toll on me” comment.

Nikki Bella Looking Nipply in Her Tight White Dress…

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    I’m sure he said the same about his ex until he f***ed Mickie James.

  • iMike_M

    Didn’t Mickie James turn into a stalker after that too…allegedly?

  • i wonder if Brie really is complaining about Bryan not having time for her or if that was scripted. because he doesn’t seem like the type that would ignore her.

  • Ralph Ramos

    John Cena should join TNA . He would be a perfect fit with Jeff Jarrett. Two grown up men doing sophomoric things and getting away with it. Randy Orton can even join them if he wants, I don’t give a s***. The three can call themselves 3HC: 3 Horndog Clan.