Terry Funk Praises AEW, “Dusty Would Be Ecstatic”


WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk spoke with Sports Illustrated recently. In the interview, Funk lauded AEW’s first show, Double or Nothing, saying “Dusty would be ecstatic watching this,” also saying that Cody & Dustin are following in their father’s footsteps.

“It was no easy thing for Dusty to get in the business, but he was always up for a challenge. His boys are the same way.”

Funk had to withdraw from that weekend’s Starrcast II due to an abdominal hernia, however the wild Texan still found time to watch the show. He had high praise for the segment that followed Cody & Dustin’s match, comparing it to Dustin’s reunion with Dusty Rhodes in 1994.

“Creating in this business is making something new, but it is also touching on something old. That’s what Cody and Dustin sure did, and it was necessary for that moment to work.”

Funk stated that “Vince and WWE, they’re not fresh,” as he spoke about why there’s a need for an alternative to the WWE in 2019.

“Yes, Vince does big business. They have the best talent in the world, but they have no fresh ideas. They should be selling out every arena. Vince thinks he’s fresh, he thinks he’s the best. That’s when you get knocked on your ass.”

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