The Beautiful Kimber Lee: Discussing Beyond Wrestling and The Campaign for Better CZW


Kimber LeeKimber Lee is one the fiercest and respected female wrestler in the Independent Wrestling Circuit. She competed for numerous organizations such as Combat Zone Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, Shimmer, and WSU. Kimber Lee last weekend competed in the most unique tournament formats in wrestling, Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow, unfortunately she was defeated by JT Dunn whom later that same weekend reached the finals and defeated Green Ant to win the tournament. Kimber Lee impressed many of her peers of the opposite sex such JT Dunn and Biff Busick whom commented Kimber Lee on her toughness and in ring capabilities.  Kimber Lee is also a full fledge member of “The Campaign to Better CZW” with leader and current CZW World Heavyweight Champion Drew Gulak, their ultimate goal to shape and mode CZW into a better place. Kimber Lee with “The Campaign” to become a role model and great example for young women and surround equality.

I had the privilege of speaking with Kimber Lee to discuss briefly the early stages of her wrestling career, discuss CZW Cage of Death XV, discuss her participation in Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow and finally discuss her expectation for 2014.


1). Kimber Lee what inspired you to get involved with the wrestling industry? Where did you go to receive your training as a professional wrestler?

Kimber Lee: “I was inspired by the WWE Attitude Era, but my mother hated professional wrestling. So I was very limited to watching professional wrestling, I saw pieces of the WWE Attitude Era. I graduate from High School at 18, I moved from Settle, Washington to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended my very first wrestling event, which was a CZW event. After experiencing that event I know right then I wanted to be a professional wrestler. I went to the CZW Academy and meet CZW Owner DJ Hyde and the rest is history”.


2). Kimber, whose the toughest opponent(s) you ever face in Shimmer and Combat Zone Wrestling? Kimber, from your perspective what do you think about “The Campaign for a Better CZW” storyline?

Kimber Lee: “The toughest opponent I face at Shimmer was very recently at our last taping, Kharma. She was physically demanding and dominating; also myself and Cherry Bomb facing Global Green Gangsters (Kellie Skater and Tomoka Nakagawa) for Shimmer Tag Team Titles.  Combat Zone Wrestling, I have to say Greg Excellent, and Christina Von Eerie. Christina Von Eerie is always a tough opponent, but I always get the upper hand.

Kimber Lee: “I really enjoy being part of “The Campaign for Better CZW” it’s an opportunity to show people, how professional wrestling should be like, to spread the message of women’s rights and equality. Mr. Gulak is tremendous leader and World Champion paving the way for all of us”.


3). Kimber Beyond Wrestling last weekend was an incredible event for Indy Wrestling fans, describe your experience competing in the Tournament for Tomorrow and your overall thoughts on the performance of women wrestlers whom participated in the tournament.

Kimber Lee: “We had an amazing group of women whom competed in this tournament, proving that we have the ability to give men the run for their money.  Unfortunately, I was defeated by JT Dunn in the finals of Block B, but JT Dunn barely beat me. I got my revenge later in the taping during non-tournament action by defeating him. So we need a third match to determine who the better wrestler is between us. My WSU Showcase match against Candice LeRae was great match but she barely got the win”.


4). Kimber, which match @ Beyond Wrestling was in your mind “Match of the Night”?

Kimber Lee: “The 60 Minute Ironman Match between Eddie Edwards and Biff Busick was insane and they put everything on the line. Green Ant vs. JT Dunn was an incredible match especially JT Dunn getting busted open during the course of the match, just simply amazing”.


5). Kimber @Combat Zone Wrestling Cage of Death XV you will be facing Christina Von Eerie, can you give us some background history surrounding your match? What’s your strategy heading into your match with CVE? Do think you have what it takes to defeat CVE?

Kimber Lee: “The history began with “The Campaign” wanting to capture the CZW World Heavyweight Champion from than champion Mandesa, believing that capturing the championship will represent power, and further strengthen our message for a better CZW. Christina Von Eerie is not a great role model for young women and not a good representation for CZW. Christina does not take care of her body, she smokes, drinks and participates in that hardcore wrestling lifestyle. Christina is the complete opposite of what a woman should in society. I have the skills and capability of defeating Christina, every time we meet inside the ring, I always get the upper hand, leaving the ring with my head held high”.Kimber Lee and Drew Gulak


6). What match are you looking forward to seeing @ CZW Cage of Death XV? What’s your overall thoughts on the Drew Gulak vs. Chris Hero’s CZW World Title Match?

Kimber Lee: “I definitely looking forward to Mr. Gulak’s match against Chris Hero and of course the Cage of Death Match itself. The competitors involve every year, keep me on the edge of seat, and this year is not different. I looking forward to see what contraption would the competitors come up with this year.

Kimber Lee: “My thoughts on the Drew Gulak vs. Chris Hero match. Mr. Gulak is going to prove to everyone why he’s the best and true champion. Mr. Gulak will defeat Chris Hero and once again come out on top”.


7). Kimber Lee do you have any upcoming events in December 2013. What do you do on your down time outside of professional wrestling?

Kimber Lee: “Upcoming events, I will be at Wrestling is Fun event on December 13th, 2013, check @kimberlee90 for more information. Speaking of my down time, I’m a bartender, and a dance instructor, been dancing for 21 years. I read a lot of books currently reading “The Game of Thrones Series””.


8). What should Indy Pro Wrestling fans expect from Kimber Lee in 2014?

Kimber Lee: “Keep improving my skills, remain humble and entertain my fans everywhere I go on a week in and week out bases”.


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