The Bellas to Split?, Tatsu Asks If He Can Move to Texas, Sami Zayn

– Yoshi Tatsu recently asked WWE officials if he could move from Florida to Texas because he had found a Japanese community that he wanted to live in. The WWE office, and this was blamed on Triple H, told Tatsu that he had to stay in Florida and needed to be at Performance Center practice every day to become a better worker. It was noted that most wrestlers regard Tatsu as one of the WWE’s better technical workers and the idea that him doing drills taking hip tosses after going through New Japan training and being 36 years old was a talking point with a lot of guys.

– WWE officials think NXT star Sami Zayn is really good but they want him to stop climbing to the ropes so much and appealing to the crowd because Vince McMahon reportedly hates when people do that.

– There has been an idea pitched where Daniel Bryan would feud with John Cena and each man would have a Bella Twin in his corner. Regardless if that happens, they are looking to do a split between the Bellas with Nikki going heel and Brie playing the babyface.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • scott

    Twin bra n pantie match at Wrestlemania

  • The huntress in the night

    Nikki as a heel, and bree as a face.. weil thats describes their personalities anyway.

  • allan

    Splitting the Bella’s makes no sense

  • JG40

    Real stretch on the Bella’s WWE. 101 ways to make them LESS interesting.

  • Ernie Marin

    wow this entire page just paints a picture of how screwed up things are in WWE, Triple H wanting to keep a guy training just to make him loose, Vince hating when wrestlers try to get the fans to react to them, and now the Bellas might get a main event spot, and I used to think TNA was in a bad shape.

  • Eyam Ova-Urazis

    Who can tell the difference between the Bellas anyway? Better yet, who cares? Horrible idea.

    • jack frederick

      nikki has the boobs and weighs a bit more.