The Big Show Looks Back on His WWE Debut Attack on Stone Cold Steve Austin


The Big Show recently reflected on his 1999 debut in WWE. Show was known as The Giant during that time, which was his WCW working name. But when he jumped ship to WWE, not only did his name change. His pro wrestling career changed as well.

Gone were the days of The Giant running roughshod over one opponent after another. He had his way in WCW, mostly because no one ever really held him to a higher standard. In fact it could even be said that he managed to coast by due to his size, instead of his work in the ring.

But all of that changed when he signed with Vince McMahon’s company. The Big Show had to work harder than he ever had before, mostly because that was the nature of the beast in WWE.

Big Show was a big fish  in a huge pond and if he was going to be successful, he had to find a way to swim. More importantly, he had to find a way to improve. Show was not always in the best shape physically or on the mic. But he was surrounded by some of the industry’s top stars and rising talent, many of whom would have loved to take his spot.

But The Big Show kept fighting and today he’s considered by many to be perhaps the best big man in the history of WWE.