The Big Show Talks About Changes In Professional Wrestling


The Big Show spoke with DNA about changes in professional wrestling since he first started back in 1995.

“The business has completely evolved. when I started in 1995, it was like rock and roll,” Show said. “We couldn’t do anything wrong. The arenas were sold out. Our boss took good advantage of that and started building for the future. WWE went from teenage material to young adult to more family oriented which I think is a great move for our company. Nowadays it’s hard to get families together to watch a programme. Our product is something that everyone can watch. I like to shake my big butt and make the kids laugh. it’s a good feeling.”

Big Show talked about what it’s like being a champion in the business.

“Sometimes people think it’s cool to be a champion, but being a champion is a lot more work actually. Yes it’s an ego trip to be a champion, but there is a lot more involved in it. My role now is to establish the younger guys and help them find out who they are as a talent.”

Also in the interview, Show talks about giving up basketball to become a professional wrestler, the most satisfying part of your job, and many other topics. You can check out the full interview at this link.

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