The Carters Selling TNA Wrestling?


Dave Meltzer revealed on the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that The Carters are looking to sell TNA.

“There’s a lot of moves, there’s a lot of moves that are being done behind the scenes,” Meltzer said. “No matter what anyone is going to say right now, there’s big things going on behind the scenes as far as the future ownership of the company, and at that point, god only knows where it goes.

“There’s people looking to get in, and I think the Carters are looking to get out. They’ve lost enough money and all that, and you know as far as what that means, who knows. But they’ve been looking to get out for a while. Now everyone is going to scream at me, but that’s 100%. That’s the stuff that they don’t want you know. They’ve been looking to get out when they didn’t want to fund them anymore.”

Meltzer also mention that he wouldn’t be surprised if Eric Bischoff was a candidate to buy the company.

“I’m sure that he’s probably looking at something,” Meltzer said of Bischoff. “I don’t know that he’s got backing… I don’t know if anyone does. I would think that Eric would be looking for something or someone to back him to get it. I don’t know that he’s got that backing though.”

More Backstage News on TNA Selling the Company….


  1. Dear God; Please let someone who understand the wrestling business and hates Sports Entertainment buy TNA. I miss Mid South, WCCW, JCP, Stampede, Don Owen promotions, AWA and Detroit. Please god let someone who loves the territory system buy the company. We do not need TNA to continue trying to be WCW and WWE jr. Also let them syndicate it.Thank you .. Amen

    • Sorry but that will never ever happen again.Sports Entertainment is here to stay like it or not.WWE And TNA is trying to build new fans and guess what kids today are not like us.They need to be entertained

    • Huntress, you’re a smart woman and I couldn’t say it better myself! I miss the days of WCCW, UWF, and AWA also. Hopefully the Carters will smarten up and sell it to someone who can at least make a viable attempt at competing with WWE; because right now, TNA is as far as Pluto is from the Sun in terms of being a competitor to WWE!

      • better yet get sam decero to buy it the man ran wcpw for 2 decades in il and he knows the business,before that he wrestled in a tag team

  2. So someone else will buy it ,spike still wants it so as long as its someone who knows wrestling. I don’t want wwe to buy it cause I like another show besides wwes crap

    • Dear Lord… You know any f***ing buffoon (except you of course) knows WWE has NO interest in TNA because they have nothing to gain!!! Hell, WWE would LOSE profit by buying them out! LOL The WWE Universe would revolt and protest Vince McMahon himself for making such a stupid move! But of course, Allan, you don’t know this because you’re too stupid to think outside the box (heh, or right in front of you, for that matter).

  3. Here is the smartest answer yet! Why does NWA not buy it the majority back or it all back turn it back to the org. belts like it was change the ring back. Clean up the whole TNA and since NWA has such a rich young talent pool like WWE does it would be competition city right away plus your on spike so you got a national TV deal. And we all know NWA has a positive reputation they been there for awhile so we can trust them. And if they don’t want Aj Styles the belt would be meaningless when he would go take it around and defend it.

    • Rich Francis…that was by far one of the dumbest ideas I’ve read in quite some time. What’s worse is that you can’t even articulate your thoughts in a proper sentence structure. The problem with TNA is that there are too many “Rich Francis'” walking around with idiotic ideas and lackluster results. TNA needs to let go of it’s “Rich Francis” type employees and just sell the company to someone with wrestling industry intelligence and an eye toward the future…

      • No, there’s too many of you protected class clowns running around acting like spicks and trying to get away with it and yelling “RACIST!” Go find your dimebag, light it up, pick up some “ho’s” and just stay away, man. No one needs an ass clown like you posting nothing but cigarette-infested bulls*** all over the place.

      • You know what F*** YOU I AM MORE AWAKE. It may have been a dumb Idea but where is you Idea you don’t f***ing dream you bastard you just sit on your computer or your phone nagging every ones ideas! I care about a sink TNA. You calling me the Idiotic Ideas and lackluster results. Well when you got limited stuff to work with you don’t have a good promotion do you but you don’t know that. DO YOU! They have suffered since they have went to the 4 ring instead of the 6 ring. WHO DO YOU THINK would buy them oh d*** in ass NWGP, WWE, JJ, Eric B, Ted Turner, Paul Heyman, Jim Cornette, Oh did I dream to much that TNA have good owner. Well F*** OFF.

    • No… listen. NWA is a known organization name. Most everyone knows it’s DEAD. So even with a revival, it probably won’t even draw what TNA… well… “draws” (if you want to call it that). And SmellyAsFool, take it easy on Rich. He has double the IQ that you do, and he doesn’t look like a f***ed up replica of MVP.

  4. Tna will be dead within two years. I cant stand the product wwe puts out right now bit since day one tna has been total crap tbe xdivision was its best feature. The day they stopped promoting that was the biggest mistakes. All of their supposed stars would be midcarders at best for wcw when the great david arquette was champion. People need to stop this dream of tns ever really competeing and come to terms with the fact tna is a poor retarded mans wcw

    • Okay I half.. no, maybe 3/4ths like your post (but there’s no option for fractional likes). WWE doesn’t put out crap, my friend. WWE puts out rich, dynamic characters that boldly entertain like no other organization can. You hit the nail on the head when he referred to TNA as being a poor retarded man’s WCW – LOL!!!

  5. Unless it’s new blood, ready to bring in new ideas and go in new directions TNA will just fall by the wayside after making whatever little gains it made over the years.
    Thing is you’ll probably hear the same names being mentioned, Bischoff, Russo, Hogan etc. It’s the same names used to doing things that have brought the company to this precise juncture..dead story lines and wrestlers stalling.
    As long as the new owners are not trying to compete and emulate the WWE, they might have a chance, but I fear they’ll look at the WWE as the model, meaning the same old same old.

    • i think now TNA will really be build , coz they made a biggest improvement lately and that is get rid of that good for nothing hogan / bischoff , now they will get back to the real wrestling and focus more on tna wrestlers instead of all the wwe rejects or ex – wwe wasted star , hope jeff jarrett / a.j etc gets there freedom back

  6. The beginning of the end, hate to say I told you so, no one will be able to help TNA. You need to have great ideas, storylines, talent, writers and big time money backing to survive and not just any kind of money backing, someone who truly believes and is willing to take losses, thats why WWE worked even at times when it was loosing to WCW, because they had a genius who was willing to fight till the death with his own money to risk it all. Bischoff had the money but not his money, Vince was using he’s money so he had full control plus he had the genius behind it and it worked. If he was using investors money they would have lost after taking a few loses. So even if someone buys TNA, which would be a huge business risk, they either would do it would an investors money who isn’t willing to risk too much for too long or simply don’t have the genius to come up with something that will make the ratings change drastically. #truth

    • And those people that think Ted Turner would want to buy TNA truly have no idea what they are talking about. First TNA is not making much profit and is a very risky business move, he is a business man and he will be better off making his own wrestling company than to take over TNA if he was still really interested in the wrestling business.
      Second WWE is not the WWE of the late 90’s and even though the attitude era was the best time in wrestling, WWE is a much stronger company now, it has truly cemented itself globally, it is a money making machine who have a lot of influences worldwide and they are so much more popular in the business world in general. WWE is more recognized globally in every way.
      That is why Vince is smart and did the PG thing, I personally like it better during Stone Colds time, but business wise he made a very good and smart decision, that is why he is a billionaire and is still ruling the wrestling business and we are here typing about it lol. Now could it go a little more edgier of course, I’m sure from time to time it will, but they can make way more money now doing it PG.
      So I highly doubt that Ted Turner would want to go against a even more powerful WWE again but this time with a weak wrestling company that needs to be built all over again.

      • I rather watch old school wrestling like the indy promotions then the crap they call Sports Entertainment. Istill say let ted buy hire somebody else to run the show (not Eric or hogan) prob a retired indy promoter who knows the business and gives us matches instead of talk and shoots.
        Sam Decero ran WCPW for 2 decades which was the most dominant fed in IL

  7. The misspelled words are from texting in a hurry on a smart phone if thats the only thing you can pick out of my predictable post then u obviously dont have a real arguement for tna. And I didnt fraction like tna I just gave respect to the xdivision because in the day I actually really liked it

  8. i hate reading stupid comments. paul heyman is under a wwe contract. Jim Cornett left on bad terms with the dixie family, and im sure he does not have over milions of dollars to buy the company. I know your sad, u want hope for tna but its OVER. either watch raw or move on from wrestling. That simple.

  9. There are a lot of ideas thrown out there for TNA . Some are good, some aren’t. Obviously, the NWA is not the NWA of old. Although they’ve been around forever, they don’t appeal to the new crowd, which are the 10-30 year old demographic. Even older fans like ourselves no longer respect the NWA as a force.
    Paul Heyman and Jim Cornette, on the other hand, are solid candidates to take the reigns of TNA. They’ve both have decades of experience, plus have owned their own companies. Plus they have a drive matched by few. There’s also Jeff Jarrett, who is getting his power back. There is a noticeable improvement in everything they do (Other than attendance), and people are tiring of the WWE ways of not respecting the fan’s wishes. I’m not saying TNA is gonna take over by any means, but I am making the point that this is where TNA can capitalize.
    You go to a WWE event, and their matches are longer and more boring to watch because their matches always follow a certain pattern and the moves are more predictable.
    On the other hand, you go to a TNA event, and you have no idea what the hell they’re gonna do. The matches are faster, the wrestlers are smaller but more athletic, and they’re funner to watch. I personally prefer to go to a TNA event over a WWE. TNA has more action, less bulls***, and have more athletic, acrobatic performers like Austin Aries and AJ Styles.
    WWE obviously isn’t going anywhere, being the New York Yankees of wrestling. They have built quit the wrestling dynasty. But TNA, with the proper leadership, can offer an alternative style of wrestling to the WWE that can succeed by taking a little here and a little there from the WWE, pushing their best performers (Jeff Hardy and Aries), and adding a big name like a Dolph Ziggler down the line.


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