‘The Elite’ Officially Confirms They Are No Longer a Part of Bullet Club


In a major branding move that has perhaps been a long time in the making, Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks has officially confirmed that “The Elite” – a subgroup made up of himself, his brother Nick, Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Cody Rhodes and Marty Scurll – are no longer a part of the Bullet Club family.

Jackson made the announcement at a live recording of the Talk is Jericho podcast, which took place onboard the Chris Jericho Rock ‘n’ Wresting Rager at Sea, currently on its way back to the coast of Florida from the Bahamas.

Matt told the story of their YouTube channel Being The Elite, which started as a simple travel vlog featuring the Young Bucks, and later expanded to feature more characters from the Bullet Club, largely due to the fact that they were all traveling together constantly.

As time went on The Elite spiraled into its own giant brand and began distancing itself from Bullet Club proper. With many of their contracts coming due at the end of the year (and technically Cody isn’t contracted to NJPW and his ROH deal is already up) the decision was made to stick with The Elite branding because the group owns the rights to the name, allowing them to control their own destiny if they leave NJPW or ROH.