The Emperor, The President & The King Is a Marijuana Documentary Featuring Rob Van Dam, George Noory, Willie Nelson & Jack Herer

The Emperor, The President & The King is a documentary about marijuana that features celebrities such as Rob Van Dam, Willie Nelson, George Noory and Jack Herer. With the funds raised from your pledge I will be doing 3 things. First of all, I need to get an HD camera with better audio capabilities for the production and I feel this is very important. Secondly, I need to travel to several locations for production shoots to complete my vision of the documentary and finished product. I also want to purchase news reel footage from the major networks of their coverage of marijuana related news stories. Your pledge and support means a lot to me. I promise to deliver you an amazing finished production on DVD that will be an exciting adventure into the world of marijuana.

I have produced and directed over 20 productions and documentaries from New Jack: Hardcore, The Greatest Secret, 101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler and Fightland. I’m overly qualified to say you have no risk in pledging towards my production. I’m trained in all aspects of filmmaking from camera to editing to producing music.