Smarter Than The Family



We are in the midst of WrestleMania season. A time of the year where even the most casual of fans tune in weekly to WWE programming. Mania is the Superbowl of wrestling, or to others comparable to a wrestling version of Christmas. This exciting time has been known to bring about the biggest feuds of the year, while bringing back the stars of the past to be featured prominently.

The buzz is certainly evident every year, but this year it’s been taken to another level. Since late summer, the WWE fans have been clamoring for Daniel Bryan to become the “Face” of the company. His epic rise to the top parallels that of the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold. The fans just can’t get enough of this guy. A man who became as self-made as you can be in the WWE. An indie sensation that has finally made it to the top of his profession. The unique thing about Bryan is that he’s NOT a creation of the McMahon’s.

The “Family” aka McMahon’s and HHH, have never been proponents of small, average looking wrestlers like Bryan being their vision of a world champion. Vince can’t bear the thought of 15,000 plus fans cascading with chants for Bryan each week. How did a “small” goat-faced, fan resembling guy become a face of the WWE?

Vince and the buzzed haired son-in-law at first thought the Bryan support was just a summer fad. Only that it lasted past the summer, through the fall and into the winter. The panic kicked in, so it was time to make a call to Drax the Destroyer, err…Batista. Like the others before him, Dave had left WWE a few years back in search for greener pastures.  A big check later, he’s back in the WWE for WrestlMania season. His reward for cashing in the fresh money, a winning the Royal Rumble and a main event match at WrestleMania. Yup, it’s better than a front of the line pass at Six Flags.

Showing a returning Dave Batista to the WWE Universe would surely make them forget about Bryan. Only, that it failed miserably. This new breed of WWE fans don’t accept the “Family’s” vision for who they should root for. Batista came in as a top baby face, until the crowd turned him into a heel less than a couple weeks after his return.

Their grand plan has failed miserably, once again. The fans won’t let go of Daniel Bryan. Batista is now a heel. That was certainly not the plan when they lured him from some sound stage in Hollywood. Vince, the meat head son-in-law, and the hot-annoying groupie of a daughter are once again forced to change their grand scheme. Mind you this isn’t the most modest bunch. It literally must ooze them with pain, for their ideas not to be accepted by the fans. They have their ways, and refuse to let or acknowledge that the paying customers are smarter than them.

Vince has prided himself to always do what’s best for the company, as long as his ego can survive it. Fact is, at this time there isn’t a wrestler that he can find that will take away Bryan from the fans. If he doesn’t want his pockets to get swallowed up, he must accept and embrace the paying customers. Watching recent WWE programming it’s been clear that the “The Family” has been voicing their real thoughts through their promos. You can be bitter, but you can’t stab the hand that feeds you. Customers are ALWAYS right, even when they are wrong. All The Family can do to that is say…YES, YES, YES!!

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  • Roberto Serrano

    Guess another smaller wrestler by the initials HBK has been forgotten as the face of the WWF for a bit of time.