The Greatest Royal Rumble: A WWE Specialty

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Professional wrestling is an art form; it’s a unique form of storytelling. But more than anything else – it is a spectacle, and no company puts on a greater spectacle than the WWE. Fans applaud companies like NJPW and ROH for their simplicity, but there is a reason the WWE is the premier wrestling promotion.

This Friday, The Greatest Royal Rumble takes place at Saudi Arabia. It’s a stacked card featuring current stars, and even special attractions like The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and Rey Mysterio. Add in the fact that it will be in a stadium filled by almost sixty-thousand fans, it’s easy to see why this feels like one of the biggest shows in 2018.

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It didn’t take long to realize that this Network special in Saudi was more than just a jazzed up live event. Week after week, WWE revealed matches that can easily main event pay-per-views like Summerslam and also filled the card with title matches from both Raw and Smackdown.

While it’s difficult to say whether the show will live up to the hype, no one can deny that this is WWE at their promotional best. It is a stacked card that has the added glamour of gimmick matches, and a match that has never been seen before.

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