The Greatest Tag Team Wasn’t a Team


When you think of tag team wrestling who comes to mind? The Road Warriors, the Hart Foundation, the Hardys, The Dudley Boys? All were great teams, dominated tag divisions for years, and won accolades other teams could only accomplish in their dreams. However, what if I made a case that the greatest tag wrestler wasn’t known for any one team. What if I said it was because he wasn’t on just one team that dominated for a decade but was on several teams that dominated for a decade that made him great? What if I said the greatest tag wrestler of all time was Kane? Think about for a moment. He is a 13-time tag team champion and he did it with seven different tag partners. Partners that ranged from smaller high fliers like x-pac and RVD, to bigs like Undertaker and Big Show, and even guys like Mick Foley and most recently Daniel Bryan. Now I have made comments about Kane not having a fastball anymore and in singles wrestling I don’t think he does. This is an odd comparison but stick with me I swear it works in the end, and if it doesn’t you can have your money back, I promise. Kane reminds me of David Spade. David Spade has done some decent work as “the guy” in a few decent but ultimately forgettable movies with the best being Joe Dirt. Kane’s best run in my opinion was no better than the Joe Dirt of WWE runs. Now, team Spade up with a person he can riff with and his true talent shines. His ability to tear apart a fun loving guy like Chris Farley, and still somehow stay likeable is a remarkable sight. Spade needs help because he just can’t carry the whole thing himself. That’s not to say he isn’t a talented comedian, or a decent TV star. Just like Kane, needing a tag partner to unleash his full potential doesn’t mean he isn’t a very talented wrestler. That’s right, pulled that analogy off flawlessly.

Getting to team with Bryan has given new life to Kane. Their odd couple routine is both funny and entertaining in the ring as well as out. Kane could have had a huge ego like certain people in the business and demanded he stay a singles wrestler only and he would have a very good career. I don’t think he would have been a hall of famer but because he put his personal ego aside he’s become a sure fire hall of famer. Nash could have had the same career but went for more money and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing just pointing out a fact. I don’t think Nash will ever be in the hall of fame (unless the WWE decides to put the NWO in the hall of fame, which would be odd inducting NWO without Hogan, wait…do you think there is a chance they replace him with Ron and Don Harris? I’m in…induct them tomorrow!!!!) and really, the accolades just aren’t there. Kane’s work with X-Pac was really some of his best work. I prefer the awkward sort of monster Kane to the full on “evil” monster Kane. When the WWE embraced Kane the “awkward monster” and saw all the comedy that comes with that is when Kane really took off. Sure, his feuds with Undertaker have been fantastic but I enjoy anger management attending Kane much more. One of my favorite non-wresting moments of 2012 was Kane’s list of terrible acts and his bland deadpan delivery made it perfect. Kane was the perfect tag team wrestler; I just didn’t realize it until it was all laid out in front of me.

While we are talking about tag team wrestling can, we all agree that pairing Alberto Del Rio with the Miz and making them babyfaces will be either great or an atrocity and there is no in between. Are they as good as Rhodes Scholar, or Team Hell No? No, I don’t think they are but they are much better than Prime Time Players. Titus in no way needs Darren Young, but Young absolutely needs Titus. That just isn’t a good combination to have. Even Michael Cole asked the question to Young “so if Titus does the talking and is the muscle, what is it you do?” You know you are in trouble when an announcer can’t figure out your role. The team of Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio should be called Team No Knee Ligaments and we call all move on. As soon as The Shield figures out that, the best pairing they have is Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins with Roman Reigns as the muscle on the outside then we’ll have another elite tag team to add to the list. The tag division could be better, but it could also be much worse. I mean remember when the Godwinns were tag champions? Yeah, things could be a lot worse than they are now. Rhodes Scholar vs. Team Hell No should shape into an amazing feud if the WWE doesn’t screw it up and actually let’s it happen. I don’t even mind that having Cody Rhodes in Rhodes Scholar has derailed his world title goals for a while. That team is that good, and that mustache couldn’t be sleazier. My hat is off to “the Stache” which really should be Rhodes new nickname. That’s it I’m calling him Cody “the Stache” Rhodes from here on out. Even when he shaves the stache he will always be Cody “the Stache” Rhodes to me.

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