The Greatest Women’s Champion in NXT History – 5 Names We Most Want to See Shayna Baszler Wrestle

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Over the past two years, Shayna Baszler has established herself as the most dominant force in the history of the NXT women’s division. Bar none.

You can make an argument for Asuka’s legendary record-breaking title reign, and it was certainly impressive, but when you actually line up their respective opponents and title defenses, it’s no comparison.

Names like Paige, Charlotte, Becky, Sasha and Bayley will all of course go down in history as the trailblazers of the division, but over the course of her two championship reigns, Baszler has ripped down their foundation and rebuilt it in her own image.

Since first winning the NXT Women’s Championship, Shayna has defeated Ember Moon, Dakota Kai (twice), Nikki Cross, Toni Storm, Candice LeRea, Britt Baker (yes, it happened), Kairi Sane (three times), Bianca Belair (twice), Mia Yim (twice), Io Shirai (three times including a cage match), and Xia Brookside.

Oh, and all of that is just what she’s racked up on television and at NXT Takeover specials. That’s to say nothing of her 104 documented wins at NXT Live events or in dark matches. To say nothing of the dozens of successful championship defenses, that have been seen by tens of thousands of fans, that were never filmed or broadcasted.

So now that she’s torn through every single name in the NXT women’s division (and then some), who’s next? Just for fun, I’ve put together the top five names I most want to see collide with the “Queen of Spades”, Shayna Baszler.

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