The Hardy Boyz Returning to a Full-Time WWE Schedule: Is This a Farewell Tour?


Matt Hardy Tweeted on March 16 that he and brother Nero, aka Jeff Hardy, are returning to a full-time WWE touring schedule. The tour begins on March 17 in Peoria, Illinois and Matt is teasing that this could be the last run for The Hardy Boyz.

Matt Hardy returned to WWE on the February 26 edition of SmackDown Live, where he teamed with Jeff against The Bar. It was Matt’s first WWE appearance since July of 2018, when he tagged with Bray Wyatt as The Deleters of Worlds.

The duo became one of the most popular teams in Vince McMahon’s company, mostly because of Matt’s “Woken” persona, which was a take on his “Broken” character from Impact Wrestling. Matt experienced a career resurgence in WWE thanks to this gimmick and his fans were surely hoping he was on his way to bigger and better things.

But when he took time off from the company, many believed he was finished. He never officially announced his retirement from the business but he did tease it, leading to speculation online for the past several months.

But when he came back with Jeff on SmackDown, Matt looked better than ever. His Woken character has now combined with his other personas, including Version 1, Big Money Matt and of course Team Extreme. Whether or not this new full-time run will indeed be the last hurrah for The Hardy Boyz is unknown. But if the end is near, it’s obvious that the brothers are going out on their terms and it’s definitely a well-deserved final bow.