The Miz Opens Up About Fatherhood, Filming His Baby’s Birth and Being Pooped On


During a recent interview with USA Weekly, new SmackDown Live superstar, The Miz spoke about life as a new father, filming the birth of his daughter and more.

Life as a father:

“I’m at her service no matter what. I’ve never had anyone have so much control over me. I’m a night owl so I usually stay up at night with her and my wife sleeps. Then whenever I sleep, my wife takes over. Literally, we’re just tagging in and out. I wanted to be the dad that was able to feed my daughter, hold my daughter, really be there for my daughter. I want to be the dad that’s here. I want to see her. Every day, her face changes, her body changes, everything about her is just changing every single day. It’s crazy.

Filming the birth of his daughter:

“When I went in, it was funny. As soon as we started, I had my phone out, I put it right up in everything,” he says. “The doctors were like, ‘Sir, please don’t drop your phone … Sir, can you sit down?’ I’m like, ‘No, but can you move over a little bit? You’re ruining my shot.’”

Being pooped on:

“I’ll never forget the first time she projectile pooped on me,” he says. “They tell you to hold her legs when you change her. When you bring the legs back, I didn’t realize that it pushes against her stomach, and then … right at me. All up on in there.”

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