The Miz Promises To Become WWE Champion Again, WWE Starrcade Main Event Finish (Video)


WWE SmackDown Live star, The Miz has made a promise to the WWE Universe that he is going to become the WWE Champion in the future.

The A Lister was commenting on his anniversary as WWE Champion which took place eight years ago stating he achieved the impossible. However, he claimed he makes the impossible, possible and that whilst people might doubt him he will win it again, that is a reality.

WWE Starrcade Main Event Finish

The main event from last night’s WWE Starrcade match which saw Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose compete in a steel cage match will not air during the WWE Network special this evening. However, the finish of the match was filmed by a fan in attendance, which you can see below:

Nia Jax Fires Back At Online Troll

An online troll has photoshopped an image of Nia Jax to make her appear incredibly fat online and the Facebreaker has responded to it, claiming she still looks sexy and called out people for the hate comments.

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