The Movement #WeAreChikara


WEARECHIKARALadies and gentlemen before driving into this unique story. I must do my readers justice by providing some brief background information leading up to the formation of #WeAreChikara. “Chikara was sold to Worldwide Media Development Corporation a holding of the Titor Conglomerate a few years ago.  Shortly after a gentlemen wearing a sharp-dressed suit appear which we learned his name is Wink Vavassesur, auditor of Worldwide Media Development Corporation. Wink Vavassesur as discovered by the Chikara faithful clearly have a business background but no knowledge of professional wrestling. Wink Vavassesur soon became Chikara’s Director of Fun. Wink Vavassesur oversaw a period of growth in Chikara with multiple attendance records broken and the creation of the Grand Chikara Championship.


Wink Vavassesur approval ratings within the fan base and locker room plummeted.  Wink Vavassesur created a series of analytical formulas, dubbed Chikarabemetrics to ensure the best athletes were being paired. This resulted in the popular Colony being rearranged, with Soldier Ant being kicked out of the group. Other unpopular decisions included placing Sugar Dunkerton in FIST, the censorship of blogs on the Chikara website, and the creation of Colony Xtreme Force, which is purely as a marketing ploy.  According to PWinsider, at the end of Chikara’s “The Shoulder of Pallas” a gentleman handed Mike Quackenbush an envelope. After the event Mike Quackenbush was removed from the main roster page and hasn’t been booked I Chikara since.


On June 2nd, 2013, Chikara held its annual event “Chikara Aniversario-Never Compromise, unknown to the promotion it will be their last event. The event ran business as usual, but during the course of the event former Chikara employee Derek Sabato whom was fired by the Director of Fun Wink Vavassesur, claiming Derek Sabato was too close to the truth behind Titor Conglomerate intentions.  Derek Sabato had an envelope which contains information about Wink Vavassesur, his father and the Titor Conglomerate whom owns Chikara.  Derek Sabato apparently tweeted out a picture, content Titor Conglomerate executives at a ground breaking. This photo must have been incriminating or Wink Vavassesur would not have panic and order officials to escort Derek Sabato out of the building.


The event resume and we reached the main event, Eddie Kingston vs. Icarus for Grand Chikara Championship. It was a solid matchup, each individual displaying tremendous amount of skills and technique. Icarus applied the famous Chikara Special submission hold on Eddie Kingston, until Condor Security rush the ring disrupting the main event; removing Kingston, Icarus and Senior Official Bryce Remsburg from the ring. Wink Vavassesur was on top of the stage stating the event was official over. Condor Security immediately stated tearing down the entrance way and stage area. According to various reports whom was in attendance, Condor Security was shooing fans out of the building. As fans were being escorted, there weren’t any merchandise nor wrestlers in the lobby area. Once fans, along with Bryce Remsburg still wearing his Chikara Uniform were outside, Condor Security locked the doors. 1392669_611497888888512_196782512_n


After, the events of June 2nd, 2013 there was uncertainty and anger among Chikara fans and performers over their beloved promotion wrongfully closing its doors. Pro Wrestling Smark Talk discovered via Titor Conglomerate Twitter History on June 4th, 2013 two days after the closure of Chikara. Titor Conglomerate were accepting any serious inquires on the liquidation of Chikara Assets (Merchandise and Equipment). After several weeks Chikara fans started mobilizing through Chikara 101 message board receiving its inspiration and guidance from Icarus, #IAmChikara was born.  Bryce Remsburg stated in an interview with Pro Wrestling Smark Talk several weeks ago about the reasons behind starting the #IAmChikara. “The fans basically want Chikara, the idea is to show the powers to be that the fire still burns and we want our beloved Chikara back” said Bryce Remsburg.  The #IAmChikara moment started to grow through the message boards and twitter until it evolved into #WeAreChikara. Babs Host of Chikara 15 Minutes or Less stated “The moment actually started off as #IAmChikara then it started evolving through twitter with followers using #WeAreChikara. #WeAreChikara moment leader Icarus decide not to let Chikara die without a fight”.


The First #IAmChikara Rally

The #WeAreChikara Campaign began to grow week after week until Icarus organize the first #WeAreChikara Rally on July 14th, 2013 in Easton, Pennsylvania which can be viewed at



The #WeAreChikara Campaign continue to attract many fans of the promotion as well garner the support of Chikara staff members such as long time Chikara Announcer and former Director of Fun Leonard F. Chikarason. Pro Wrestling Smark Talk contacted Leonard F. Chikarason via email back in early December of 2013; asked several questions regarding his role in the #WeAreChikara Campaign, his opinion on the campaigns purpose and briefly discuss the conspiracy theories surrounding the Chikara closing.


1). What’s your role as it relates to the #WeAreChikara Campaign?LFC

Leonard F. Chikarason: “More or less whatever Icarus asks of me. I have access to something’s such as the Chikara 101 Message Board”.


2). Leonard F. Chikarason what started the #WeAreChikara Campaign?

Leonard F. Chikarason: “The ground swell of our fans that wanted to see Chikara come back. It has inspired many of us”.


3). What’s the purpose of the campaign and who are the individuals involved in the campaign?

Leonard F. Chikarason: “As mentioned before, it’s the number of the Chikara fan base that wants to see Chikara return. Outside of Icarus, I’m on a need to know basis”.


4). Some wrestling fans are claiming the Chikara Promotion is running a huge story line angle and the company is not really closed down it’s simply rebooting itself; could you shade some light behind this conspiracy theory?

Leonard F. Chikarason: “I’ve never been the one to put stock in most conspiracy theories”.


5). What’s the next step for the #WeAreChikara Campaign?

Leonard F. Chikarason: “Again, Icarus usually contacts me the day before when he’s ready for the next big move”.


6). Leonard F. Chikarason, what’s your thoughts on Titor Corporation selling off Chikara’s Intellectual Property Assets?

Leonard F. Chikarason: “If I had the money, I’d buy them myself”.


#WeAreChikara FDR Park Rally

The #WeAreChikara campaign continue to gain momentum week after week. Campaign leader Icarus organize another #WeAreChikara Event at FDR Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 2nd, 2013. The event feature a Trio Match between Los Ice Creams and Kobald vs. Icarus, Hallowicked and Assail Ant. The event can be viewed on During the course of the event an incident happen involving a member of the Chikara 101 Message Board and Chikarmy, a gentleman name “Thom” who was kidnapped by Condor Security a subsidiary of Titor Conglomerate. “Thom was kidnapped because Condor Security wanted us to locate incriminating documents against Titor Conglomerate that were hidden from the public” said Babs.


#WeAreChikara Scavenger Hunt

Ironically this would lead to the next part of the #WeAreChikara journey. The #WeAreChikara Scavenger Hunt which took place on November 30th, 2013. “The goal of the event was to save Thom from Condor Security. We discover the hidden documents and tune out they connected the Titor Conglomerate to Elohim City, Oklahoma a community with ties to militias and terrorist groups. The documents reveal a plan to build a compound, possibility to train a private army.


Pro Wrestling Smark Talk investigate the claims and decided to post the following from

A long record of intimidation and obfuscation came to an end in the streets of Philadelphia, PA, the city that, more than any other, symbolizes independence. The multi-national known as the Titor Conglomerate, parent company of Condor Security, had been (according to documents revealed to the public for the first time yesterday) seeking approval to erect a 3-story compound on an inexpensive tract of land in neighboring Northampton County, PA. Official documents link the Titor Conglomerate to the wetlands area that was to be the site of their “Elohim Compound,” confirming rumors of the long-suspected link between the 4-person executive suite of Titor and the closed community with known ties to supremacist organizations. Thanks to an observant ally of this blog, I can present this image to my readers:


ElohimCompoundPROOFOne source with inside knowledge claimed that Elohim City was just a model that would be refined and relocated. This key detail came to light in spite of continued attempts by members of Condor Security to suppress the information. The documents uncovered today by intrepid seekers of the truth show that this was in fact the ultimate stratagem of the Titor Conglomerate. Using their power, resources and influence, Titor has managed to avoid any attention directed at their unscrupulous activities on domestic soil or abroad – until now. Titor’s ritualistic denial of wrong doing and systematic hushing of those who could lay blame at their feet came to an end when the above document and a string of related documents were photographed and circulated during the afternoon hours.


Why a real estate purchase of acreage that is classified as swamp land by a conglomerate allegedly involved in investment management is not as mysterious as it first appears. The land, adjacent to the Charles Chrin Community Center of Palmer Township in Northampton County, has ties to a portfolio asset of Titor’s that was under the direct management of the Vavassesur family. How the very public falling out between members of the Vavassesur family factors into recent events, this blogger will not speculate.



The Scavenger Hunt lead to 11 locations throughout the Philadelphia Area which can viewed on (Map was created by Tim of The Funspiracy Podcast).


01 - The search for Thom beginsThe information currently being presented is courtesy of  Right around High Noon, the CHIKARMY got together to save Thom. We met up at the original spot of his kidnapping. While there, a white van passed by and dropped a note for the first clue featuring old events, it led us to the ECW Arena. When arriving, we found a QR code which opened up the CHIKARA Art Book cover and a clue in Finnish over the book. The words led us to our next location, Atomic City Comics. After arriving, our group bumped into Kid Cyclone and we received our next QR code which led to the Ashes preview video featuring Sabato and Quackenbush. The video was filmed at a coffee shop, when we arrived Brendan O’Donell greeted us at the door and gave us an empty coffee cup with another QR code. The code led to a one second video, which was somehow discovered to be The Trocadero (the site of the last CHIKARA show). Outside of the Trocadero, Dan Yost had a bag with a CHIKARA shirt and a clue that brought us to the Philadelphia Penitentiary. After a long time of circling around the penitentiary, Private Eye Jr. messaged Babs (the girl streaming the event) on Twitter saying “Look harder at where you started. The farthest you can go without spending a dime”. We then found CHIKARA pamphlets with coordinates to the LOVE Statue. By the statue was Gavin Loudspeaker with a crummy MP3 player loaded with only a fuzzy version of the Rocky theme (logically leading to the Rocky Steps


When my group arrived, Bryce Remsburg was waiting by the statue, giving out limited CHIKARA sports bottles with the picture of Hallowicked above. The text was deciphered by the 101 forums as “Philadexican cousin”, leading to the Lucha Cartel.02 - A turn of events unfold


A foreign language note was left by the front door of the restaurant. Over an hour of attempting to deciphering and arguing (including one of our own basically snapping) finally led to a Twitter account posting a link to the DWARF SPIRITS ALPHABET (yeah I know, right?). It was translated to…


Inside Barcade, a mysterious man in denim and a terrible fake mustache gave us the unlock code and keys for a storage unit. The man turned out to be Wink Vavasseur himself.



We didn’t know what to expect. It could’ve been Thom. It could’ve been a trap. No one knew…what we did find was surely unexpected. A red envelope was found in the storage locker. Inside the folder were leasing papers for land (actually in the same place as the Funplex). We called the number on the paper but it was the Condor number that called fans earlier this summer. A name which appeared consistently was Martin Wood as well as the date 1/16/11 (the show “Odyssey of The Twelfth Talisman” took place the day after).

11 - 79TwPux07 - qUC1QLx


There were multiple forms of this paper, showing the schematics of the location of the rumored Titor Conglomerate Private Army. After finding the folder, Condor Security tweeted us to find a black car and hand them the envelope for Thom. Before heading over, Icarus and Private Eye Jr. stopped us and gave us a fake envelope to give to Condor instead of the real one.


We pulled up to a dingy alleyway with one black car, inside the car were two men.  The two men wore tuxedos and bird masks with long beaks (things of nightmares, their faces could not be seen at all). We gave them the folder and almost didn’t let them get away by surrounding the car until a van arrived. The van showed up and backed away from us at full speed until we chased it down and they let out Thom! Icarus proceeded to drive Thom home. The CHIKARMY had won but it seems the war was not over, neither was the day. Bryce invited us to a game of bowling and tater tots on him alongside Yost, Assail Ant, Kid Cyclone, Icarus, Brendan, Zia Hiltey and Billy Kumohara. It was a very interesting day indeed.15 - The van arrived


Shortly after the Scavenger Hunt Event, around the early morning of December 2nd, 2013 the Titor Conglomerate announce they’re accepting serious inquires and bidders on Chikara’s remaining physical assets and intellectual properties. Interested parties had to complete an online for on Titor Conglomerate website. The deadline was schedule December 22nd, 2013 no later than 11:59:59 PT. The property would be sold to the highest bidder. This action sparked a huge fire storm among #WeAreChikara Campaign; criticizing the structure and lack of privacy protection of the online form demanding personal information such social security numbers and financial references. Supports of #WeAreChikara such as Bryce Remsburg stated, “The online formation was intended to prevent an individual to seriously inquire about the purchasing of Chikara due to its lack of privacy protection”.  Pro Wrestling Smark Talk examine the Titor Conglomerate Online Form and determine it does lack privacy protection and reference no point of contact to follow up after completion of the form.  Pro Wrestling Smark Talk tried to reach a representative of the Titor Conglomerate to comment of the structure of the online form but more important discuss the Chikara Assets Liquidation Process and finally discuss the ongoing accusation of Titor Conglomerate attempting to build a three story compound in Oklahoma.  We were unsuccessful in our attempts to reach the Titor Conglomerate.  As of the publishing date of this article there hasn’t been any updates regarding any potential buyer nor bidders for the Chikara Promotion.


The #WeAreChikara Campaign lead by Icarus is still pressing forward with its message and purpose bring back its beloved Chikara by any means necessary. Over the last several weeks Icarus along with other Chikara Superstars have been participating in series of YouTube Videos entitled “Ashes”. The majority of the video been averaging at least 3 minutes long, each video been brilliantly tied to one another and potentially planted nuggets for a possible Chikara Return Event in the near future.  Icarus has been feature on several Ashes video involving Chikara Superstars regarding brining Chikara back. The most recent Ashes video which really capture the attention and imagination of Chikara fans involved Icarus and Eddie Kingston exchanging verbal words; discussing the closing minutes of their championship match and towards the end of the video Eddie Kingston display the Grand Chikara Championship Belt. The Ashes videos can view on


Pro Wrestling Smark Talk’s Opinion:

Some outside observers suggest the entire Chikara Closure as one big major story angle design by Chikara Officials. Pro Wrestling Smark Talk readers you have to keep in mind, Chikara is very well known for remaining consistent with its wrestling angles.  I find it difficult to believe that arguably the most successful Indy Wrestling Promotion in North America close its doors. Chikara prior the closure was experiencing record breaking attendance, merchandise sales, and DVD sales. So, why would a private invest firm such as Titor Conglomerate despite its weird ambitions of developing private army, want to shut down a very profitable Indy Wrestling Promotion. Pro Wrestling Smark Talk readers please follow what I’m about to explain; going back to the night the promotion apparently close down. The performers were not aware of the looming closure, which is quite possible because in everyday America. We have seen manufacturing companies shut down over night and move operations to another state or country without any sort of notification to their respective labor workforce. I honestly do believe Chikara performers were blindside by this closure or wrestling angle. Another point when Condor Security immediately started turning down the entrance and staging area; according to PWInsider Billy Kumchara the Host of Chikara’s Pre Show Quiz Game attempted stand up to Condor Security but was struck by Condor Security Officer. OMG, ladies and gentlemen that’s consider assault because Billy Kumchara did not posed a threat to Condor Security Officers. Mr. Kumchara should have filed criminal charges against the officer and filed a civil suit against Condor Security and Titor Conglomerate but no criminal charges or civil suit were ever filed. How could an individual stand back and allow another individual to physical assault you and not press criminal charges especially if the individual represents and a Multi-Million Dollar Private Investment Firm.


I want to discuss briefly the kidnapping of Thom. Why would Condor Security kidnap a random Chikara 101 Message Board Fan for the sole purpose of obtaining the Titor Conglomerate documents concerning its three story compound in Oklahoma? I know it sounds pretty insane right about now. What really racked my brain was #WeAreChikara Campaign organizing a Scavenger Hunt two to three weeks after the supposing kidnapping.  #WeAreChikara Campaign stated the purpose of the Scavenger Hunt Event was to save Thom and retrieve the Titor Conglomerate documents.  If a person was really and truly kidnapped, common sense would have suggested calling the local law enforcement authorities not organize and build a Scavenger Hunt to rescue your friend. This is a reminder of when TNA Superstar Samoa Joe was kidnapped by Ninjas on an episode of Impact Wrestling several years ago. Also the documents show casing Condor Security/Titor Conglomerate building a three story training compound if you suspect domestic terrorist activity; would you turn the documents over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or US Department of Homeland Security.


I’m not writing this opinion piece to trash the Chikara Closure Angle. I’m going on record stating it’s the most well done, entertaining, and interactive wrestling angle I have ever research and observe.  The angle so far is run brilliantly with great wrestling story telling psychology which has capture our imagination.  If the Chikara Promotion is really shut down, then I apologize for making this claiming about it being a major wrestling angle. Chikara is truly one of best Indy Wrestling Promotions in North America whether or not it’s a wrestling angle does not matter. Pro Wrestling Smark Talk predicts Chikara will return in 2014 specifically right around WrestleMania weekend, do not know whether it’s a return show or return of the promotion overall. Chikara has done an amazing job reinventing itself with their hardcore diehard fan base and along the way gain newer fans. I myself became a fan of the promotion a year ago and before I became really invested in the product it mysteriously close its door, but following this campaign and interviewing different individuals involved directly or indirectly. My Chikara spirit is alive and well. I’m patiently waiting for the next step of this amazing journey; whether it come back or not. I have only one thing left to say #WEARECHIKARA!!!!!!


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