A Legendary Streak Dies


Well…it’s been four days since Wrestlemania 30 and like most wrestling fans I am STILL struggling to come to terms with The Undertakers Streak shockingly coming to an abrupt end at the hands of Brock Lesnar.  I have been a pro wrestling fan for 25 years and this is easily in the top 3 most shocking moments in wrestling history.

When Lesnar hit his third F5 and covered Taker I thoroughly expected the kick out to come at the count of 2 and 3/4’s so when the referee struck the mat for the count of 3 my initial reaction was that there had to be some kind of mistake or that this was part of the storyline and Vince would come out and there would be a replay showing Taker’s shoulder coming up before the three count and the match would continue and The Undertaker would rally,deliver a tombstone, get the win and move to 22-0.

It soon became very apparent that this was no mistake and that the unthinkable had happened and the most famous streak in wrestling history had been conquered.

After the initial reaction of total incomprehension I asked the question that I am sure 99.9% of the wrestling world is still asking and that’s….. Why?

Why bring to an end something that took 22 years to build?.

Why would the powers that be allow this travesty to happen?.

Why choose a guy who has passion for making a lot of money for a minimum amount of work but no passion for the business of Prowrestling to end the most cherished streak In wrestling history?

Why not choose someone like Roman Reigns to end the streak, a guy who you know has at least a 10 to 15 year career in front of him who you could build the company around after such a monumental win.

Brock Lesnar ending the streak does nothing to elevate his standing, irrespective of what I personally think of Lesnar’s commitment to prowrestling he is already an established star……although I use the term star loosely……Since Lesnar has come back he has failed to gather any sort of momentum and that’s simply down to the fact that he only works the bare minimum of dates,he isn’t around long enough and the fans in this day and age recognise him for what he is and that’s someone who is  in this business for one reason and that’s money and money alone.

There are reports that this was The Undertakers decision to lose to Lesnar but with the greatest respect to arguably one of the greatest performers of all time Vince McMahon should have overruled him and protected the streak and protected the legacy

On any level you analyse this itmakes zero sense that Brock Lesnar was the man to end The Streak…..it’s certainly not “good for business” and in 3 quick seconds the WWE and as much as it pains me to say The Undertaker himself killed something it took over two decades to build and that spits in the face of every wrestling fan on the planet and I will ask again……………Why?

My name is Adam Malin and i will be contributing blogs every week and i welcome any and all feedback and i will reply to all…you can reach me at [email protected].


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  1. This is the best way I have heard this miss justice described. An for those who say takers only a part timer please remember brock lesner has put in less then ten years for this business an its fans where as the undertaker has close to three decades of full time work…he earned his part time schedule folks lesnor has not

  2. It should never have been broken. WWE went to shock everyone which it did but they also upset a lot of people too. I’d have been happy even if the match had to be stopped as Undertaker got injured because of that buffoon botcher Brock. Give it a few years and they will realise that they made a mistake.


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