The Perfect Storm: WWE WrestleMania 29 Preview


Welcome to our WrestleMania 29 preview! I’m joined this time around by the full crew, and there is a TON of content here! We hope you enjoy reading our thoughts for WWE’s biggest show of the year!

Pre Show Match: Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett vs The Miz

ML: This match and feud is an afterthought. As much as I love the fact that the IC Title is being featured, I HATE the fact it’s the pre-show match. And I HATE even more that Antonio Cesaro isn’t featured on the WrestleMania card. Yet, Fandango is. This match will be short and sweet but hopefully will be solid enough to entertain.

Prediction: Wade Barrett to retain the IC Title

JBru: I’m going to keep my predictions short and sweet because there’s a lot going on here (and I’m crunched for time). This match, this title, these superstars…deserve so much better than to be a free stream. Miz headlined Wrestlemania 27 as WWE champion! I just hope he wins to help him get over. Besides, Wade deserves a world title push. Winner: The Miz

KP: It’s on the pre-show and that’s very disappointing. In a way it could protect Miz’s win streak AT Wrestlemania so who really cares either way. I think it should’ve been on the actual card considering they actually got some tv time together. Just disappointing; I pick Barrett to retain the IC title in a possible lumberjack match.

Ace: So, let me get this straight. You spend all this time building up prestige with the IC belt with Cody Rhodes, and you even bring back the retro white strap. The belt that’s the gateway to the World Championships. And you relegate it to the Pre-Show? There are so many things wrong with this scenario right now it’s ridiculous.

Miz was WWE Champion going into WrestleMania 2 years ago and he retained in a match with John Cena (it wasn’t clean, but he still won it.) Now he’s in a pre-show with Barrett, a guy who’s one of many wrestlers bound to be the future of this company? This is just disrespectful to both of them. Bad enough as it is that the US Title is usually the pre-show, but it’s not even on the card for Mania.

I’m so pissed off right now I’m just going to give you my prediction: BARRETT RETAINS.

Parker: This match should be pretty solid if given the right amount of time, but sadly I don’t think it’ll even get 5 minutes. Judging from the past couple of manias the undercard will probably suck and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is on the pre show. I like Wade and Miz and they should really be pushing for the main event in the next few years but I’m afraid that this match is probably going to be a let down. Prediction: Wade Barrett

Jee-S: Wade Barrett wins this; it’s too early to take the title away from him. There’s been talk of building Barrett as a strong champion to get him ready for the main event scene and to me, there is still some work to do. I still expect The Miz to look good in the loss and I expect a great bout.

JT: It’s pretty hard to predict which way WWE will go with this. On one hand, they’ve pushed the Miz and given him the figure four(inherited from Ric Flair), but he failed to capture the US Title. on the other hand, Barrett was in line for a World Title push before his injury, and now he’s just been Mr. win/loss since capturing the IC Championship. I’ll predict the Miz to win the IC Title simply for the fact that faces usually come out on top at Mania.

Four on Four Tag Match: Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls vs Team Rhodes Scholars and the Bellas

ML: The Bellas came back to create a better Divas division. The Bellas never made the Divas division all that interesting but I have welcomed their comeback. The interesting storyline since their return has been nice. This match is awful and I hate the fact that Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes are stuck in this pointless and useless match at a show like WrestleMania but I’ll take them in a match at Mania anyday.

Prediction: Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins

JBru: This is the match I really could care less about. Rather than Antonio Cesaro defend his US title or Kaitlyn defend her Divas title, we get one of the more under-appreciated tag teams possibly get squashed by the giant “in-sync tomatoes”. Oh, and their little girlfriends are gonna be in the match, also. This is essentially a coin toss for me… Winners: TRS + Bellas

KP: This should be on the pre-show and Team Funk is due a win here considering they’ve lost the last few bouts against them in regular tag team action.

Ace: Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay and Tensai) and The Funkadactyls (Cameron and Naomi) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) and The Bella Twins (Brie and Nikki Bella)

This is the least interesting match on the card in my opinion. I’ve always hated the Funkasaurus gimmick. I feel I could’ve wrote better promos and a better character for Tensai. The Funkadactyls need to stay the hell out of a wrestling ring, especially Naomi (aka “Melina vs. Alicia Fox girl” from Tough Enough.) I absolutely love the Rhodes Scholars, but I feel this match will be a filler to cool the audience off after the big events of the night. I want to see Rhodes Scholars pick up the victory, but chances are the faces will be victorious.

Prediction: The 2 Fat Men & Their Dancers

JT: The faces win here, and the match won’t go longer than five minutes. I’m not happy with the lack of direction for Rhodes and Sandow, but what can you do about it?

Chris Jericho vs Fandango

ML: I could complain about this match, a lot, but I’m not going to. Jericho’s whole existence has been built around putting over new talent. Do I believe that putting over the artist formerly known as Johnny Curtis is the way to go? No. Johnny Curtis wasn’t anything special in NXT and I can’t imagine a repackage as Fandango is much better. This feud is a slap in the face to someone as talented and great as Jericho but Jericho is always about the greater good. I hope this match actually delivers.

Prediction: Fandango to be put over by Jericho.

JBru: Everyone knows Y2J is the veteran here. Everyone knows he can kick Johnny Curtis’ butt. However, everyone also knows Jericho’s willingness to put over the little guy. He’s already won nearly every major title in the company; and all Fandango gets is the crowd chanting “you can’t wrestle”. Time to prove them wrong… and lose the gimmick! Winner: Fandango

KP: Fandango sucks ass; the gimmick stinks. Chris Jericho deserves a better opponent at Wrestlemania but WWE wants him to put Fandango over; another disappointing thing but I hope the match is good. I’ll pick Jericho to win with the LION-TAMER!

Ace: I can’t believe this is getting a spot on the main card over the Intercontinental or United States Championships. I love Jericho, but I refuse to believe it. Fandango should’ve debuted months ago, and to be brutally honest his gimmick sucks. Fandango dances. Brodus dances. And both of these guys I could care less about. I want the creepy, skeevy Johnny Curtis from NXT back. But alas, being his first match if they feel that this gimmick has potential, then Jericho will put him over greatly. If the gimmick goes lukewarm, then Jericho will pin him and Johnny Curtis will either be back to the drawing board or in the unemployment line.

Prediction: Fandango

Parker: Now, I know everybody is complaining about Fandango and I don’t like him either so I’m just gonna let the others write a paragraph long rant. You guys are going to think I’m crazy, but I think this match is going to be pretty good. WWE is doing this for a reason,;Johnny Curtis (despite his gimmick) is pretty talented and putting him in the ring with a veteran like Jericho who is still one of the best in the world even in his 40’s means this has some high expectations from Vince. Unless its a squash match with Jericho making Fandango tap in the first minute, this match should be pretty solid. Prediction: Chris Jericho

Jee-S: Well this is a tough one, but I think they’ll book Fandango to pick up the win simply because he’s debuting and burying him this early in his career would be a mistake; it would be a mistake for any debuting superstar. Chris Jericho has always been fine putting newcomers over and it’s a good thing because he’ll make Fandango look great in his debut.

JT: Chris Jericho could wrestle a broomstick(the old cliche) and have a decent match, so I’m sure this won’t be terrible. I’ll say one last time that I wanted to see Jericho feud with Antonio Cesaro, but this match shouldn’t be completely unbearable. I can the match going one of two ways. First, Fandango cheats to win. Second, Jericho squashes the dancing fool in under a minute. I’m picking Jericho to win.

Tag Team Championship: Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston

ML: This match has felt as an afterthought as well; they kind of threw it together for Ziggler because they realized he shouldn’t not be on the card. Ziggler needs to be cashing in his title at Mania to catapult his career to newer heights. Team Hell No needs to drop the titles. But they should have dropped them to a legitimate contender already.

Prediction: Team Hell No to retain the Tag Team Titles.

JBru: Big E’s first official match on the main roster. He’s teaming with Ziggler. It’s Wrestlemania. And Santino won the IC title immediately after being plucked from the crowd one night! Those factors alone should contribute to BigZig winning the twin belts. But this is about who we THINK is going to be victorious, not who we WANT to win. Winners: Team Hell No

KP: This match just feels thrown together and crappy. It just feels like a way to get Ziggler on the card with another loss. I don’t see that team winning the tag team championships from Team Hell No. Hell No could be like HBK/Cena where they lose the tag team titles the night after Wrestlemania (like after 23).

Ace: Wow, way to really make this match seem lackluster. With so many other legit tag teams in the company, they decide to impromptu put Zigs & Big E together. Big E hasn’t even worked a singles match on WWE TV aside from NXT and from what I saw between that and FCW he didn’t really impress me. He’s essentially, as some have refered to him on twitter, “RyBlack.” If I know a think or two about WWE Booking (and that’s not much really considering the lousy job they do) I think AJ will be the huge decision maker in this match. After all, she is both Kane’s and D-Bry’s ex in some way. And I see in the near future a Money in the Bank cash-in and AJ winning the Diva’s belt, so I think the group will all hold solo gold except for Big E by the end of the year.

Prediction: Ziggler & Big E become new Tag Team Champions

Parker: Man, I am really pissed off that Ziggler is being put in this kind of match at     Mania; come on! Isn’t this the guy who beat John Cena in the main event of a ppv a couple of months ago? Isn’t this the guy who is supposed to be the next world champion? What the hell are you doing WWE? Why is THN not broken up yet? Their run is really getting stale and I’m sick of seeing Daniel Bryan being treated as a joke; the man is the best technical wrestler on the planet! Big E Langston? Who is this guy? Why is he even on TV? Just because he has large muscles and titties bigger than Trish Stratus does not mean he should compete at Mania. And last of all Kane; he has been turned into a  sideshow freak again! He is supposed to be a monster and it’s not hard to make him like that again, WWE. Have him turn on Bryan, beat him, and DESTROY him. Bam! Monster again. Anyway, I don’t care about this match; its probably only gonna last 2 minutes anyway and it better be a good 2 minutes. Ziggler and Bryan deserve better. Prediction: THN

Jee-S: For months now we’ve been waiting for Team Hell No’s split and it has yet to happen. I think WrestleMania would be a good time to do it and start a feud between them. Ziggler and Big E to win the titles.

JT: I wanted to see Kane and Dbry go one on one at WrestleMania, and I wanted to see Dolph Ziggler defending the World Title against someone. Looks like my ideal scenarios are out the window. If Ziggler and Dbry get more than five minutes alone in the ring, the match will be good. I’m guessing it will probably be pretty short, but I predict new tag team champions in Ziggler and Big E.

The Shield vs Sheamus, Big Show, and Randy Orton

ML: SHIELD has been booked properly and the best way possible. There’s no way the team of Rollins/Reigns/Ambrose is going to be made weak in this situation regardless of a win or lost. The Faces, which aren’t really faces but could be faces, are meant to look on the same page. I’m wondering if there is a heel turn in the works.

Prediction: The SHIELD

JBru: Since debuting on the main roster this past November, the Shield have annihilated every good guy that crossed their paths. They have proven themselves as one of the most effective unions in WWE history. Meanwhile, team super-face are still struggling to trust each other, especially since one of them is expected to betray his “friends”. Winners: The Shield

KP: I just don’t see Shield losing this match as a unit, though I believe they’ll start losing matches when they go 1 on 1 going into PPVs than as a team. Shield wins and one member of the opposite side turns heel. Plus I want to see Roman Reigns actually wrestle instead of just being the SPEAR guy.

Ace: Let me break professionalism for a second and start off first by saying I f’n love The Shield. This is how The Nexus could’ve been. I really tire of superfaces who seemingly win day in and day out. Sheamus & Orton have bored me for a while with the Brogue Kicks and RKOs “from outta nowhere.” And Big Show has made his billionth turn. I don’t want to see the faces beat down and win against The Shield. It’s too early to give them a loss and break them up. Yeah, I’d like to see them in solos but that doesn’t mean they have to go solo.

With rumors that Orton’s much wanted heel turn is on the horizon, I can see him getting frustrated by his partners due to some heel shenanigans from The Shield. To me, I see this match in favor of The Shield.

Prediction: The Shield

Parker: I love the Shield and I love watching them wrestle, but haven’t we just seen this? I’m hoping that a No DQ stipulation gets added to this match but it probably won’t happen. Now, everybody is expecting either Sheamus or Orton to turn heel in this match, and I say it should be Orton. I predict Big Show to turn on both Orton and Sheamus and walk out halfway through the match leaving Orton and Sheamus to try and fend the Shield off by themselves, which leads to them putting up a pretty awesome fight but just falling short and the Shield gets the win. When the Shield has left Orton can hit Sheamus with an RKO (yes out of nowhere) and they can have an awesome feud beyond ER.

Prediction: The Shield in an awesome match

Jee-S: The Shield has to keep on looking strong since they are one of the best things WWE has going for them right now. They have yet to lose a match and they were booked against bigger stars; I expect them to win again.

JT: Depending on the time allowed for this one, it could actually be the best match on the card. Yes, I’ve seen the rest of the card. The Shield deserves this chance to shine at WM, and this could be the start of something huge for all three men. I don’t care who turns heel on the face team, but I’m sure there will be some problem amongst them. The Shield should win this match.

Mark Henry vs Ryback

ML: Surprisingly, this is one of the more intriguing matches for me. I’m actually enjoying this current storyline and I love Henry’s gimmick. I’ve liked this gimmick since day one and the monster heel gimmick is something the WWE missed out on years ago. Ryback’s character has grown from me hating him to being indifferent about him. Henry’s dominance as a heel has been a welcomed addition considering how long he has been loyal to the WWE. I’m very intrigued by the kind of match they can deliver to us.

Prediction: Ryback

JBru: The world’s strongest match! Mark Henry is the monster heel, Big Hungry (that nickname…really?) is the monster face. While it seems like Henry is the clear winner from the get-go, WWE is known to make the winner look weak before their pay-per-view victory. Besides, it’ll be cool to see if he can Shell Shock someone who weighs 400 pounds! Winner: Ryback

KP: I think Ryback is due a signature victory considering he’s lost at every PPV since Hell in a Cell. He lost to CM Punk twice, Cena once and The Shield twice. He needs the win and Henry is just the man to do it considering his presence/character is one of a badass. It’d be HUGE to recover Ryback’s character over the last few months.

Ace: I expect this to be a quick and competitive 10 minute match to put Ryback over. We know Mark Henry’s in the end stages of his career with his injuries and all that. It’s a shame because he’s really come into his own as a likeable heel/face at this point. I expect to see Ryback get put over huge since he’s lost his past few PPV matches and we haven’t seen him do anything impressive aside from squashing jobbers.

Prediction: Ryback

Parker: I am actually really intrigued by this match; it’s probably going to suck but I’m at least looking forward to these guys beating the crap out of each other. I hope it’s an intense brawl and it’s really hard to predict a winner as both these guys can’t afford to lose. They’ve already had a no contest and I think this will end up the same way. As much as I don’t like matches finishing this way (especially at WrestleMania) it’s the only way I can see it pan out. These guys are both monsters and are both “too tough”, I predict they’ll do something crazy resulting in a double countout/no contest. Maybe smash each other off the stage or something. Prediction: No Contest

Jee-S: No question. Mark Henry’s contract will soon be up; I don’t expect him to stay with the WWE and they have to build on Ryback’s star power for years to come. They’ll make him have his WrestleMania moment this year and Henry can really make him look good.

JT: I’m curious to find out if months of making Ryback a top face will pay off. Can Ryback and Mark Henry put together a reasonably entertaining wrestling match? I’m just so curious to find out the answer and that’s what makes me look forward to this so much. Ryback has a long career ahead of him, whereas Henry is in his final couple years. Ryback scores his first WrestleMania moment here and starts a potential “streak.”

No Hold Barred: Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

ML: There isn’t a match on the card that I’m least looking forward to more than this one. I’m angered that both these part-timers have hogged such a significant amount of time on the Mania card. Their first match wasn’t all that good and I didn’t enjoy it. This match even with the No Holds Barred stipulation is shaping up to be just as bad. I hope they prove me wrong.

Prediction: Triple H setting up the rubber match at Extreme Rules

JBru: Everyone’s seen this story before. The monster heel stacks all the odds against our hero (hurting his friends, threatening his career, mentioning his wife), and the hero somehow triumphs in the end. The Beast has beaten Triple H before, so Triple H will even the odds. And save his part-time in-ring career in the process. Stupid stipulation! Winner: Triple H

KP: I just dislike Triple H right now, I respect the guy’s career and what he accomplished but part of me just wants him to retire cause I’m sick of him just swooping in and trying to make himself look like a god. I don’t want to see it but he’s going to win; hope I’m wrong.

Ace: This match will be the most brutal and physical of all matches, just because that’s how they book Brock Lesnar’s matches. To be honest, I think HHH wants to hang up the boots to work more behind the scenes and improve the product. Will he quit wrestling altogether? Probably not. There will be some sort of situation down the line that will drag him out of retirement. He’s not in his 50’s yet so he has nothing to worry about as long as he stays in shape. But I think this will be the way they write him off of TV so he can focus more on his day to day work inside the company.

Prediction: Lesnar wins forcing HHH to “retire.”

Parker: I think I’m the only person in the entire world who thinks this match is going to be good. It hasn’t had the best build up but these guys beating the crap out of each other all through the stadium sounds fun to me! Now people are gonna ask; how is that going to be any different than their last match? Well, Triple H’s career is also on the line in this one which makes this match more intense than their Summerslam match which wasn’t that good. This one is no dq, no count outs, and also HBK will be involved again to get retribution at Brock for breaking his arm. Possible show stealer(YES, I did just say that). Prediction: Triple H in a crazy match

Jee-S: I’m very skeptical about this match but since nothing is on the line for Brock Lesnar and he’s won the last bout between the both of them, I think Triple H will pick up the win and continue his career(maybe have another match or two).

JT: I hope they destroy each other to the point that neither can wrestle again. Lesnar’s UFC style is dull for WWE matches, so I want the Brock Lesnar style of 2002 back. WWE won’t give it to me, so instead I hope we get a lot of blood and gore. This rivalry is very personal, and that’s about where the good part of it ends. Hunter wins and gets his redemption.

World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger

ML: This feud has grown very personal over the last few weeks and the heat has actually moved to Swagger and not so much on Zeb Coulter. Swagger is intriguing because of his in-ring talent and ability. I hate the fact the WWE booked him to win the Elimination Chamber, but it is kind of nice to see a fresh face in the World Heavyweight Title scene. Del Rio’s face turn has been a nice, refreshing turn but the fans seemed to have been late on catching onto the turn but I hope they do soon. Del Rio’s chance to get over with the crowd is through Ricardo.

ML: Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Title

JBru: As much as I hate to say it, I really thought the “real American” was going to win since his triumph in the Elimination Chamber. But Jack Thwagger decided to be stupid and get busted for a DUI. If ADR’s not-quite-over-ness (?) as a face isn’t enough to keep the belt ON him, the misconduct will be enough to keep the belt OFF Jack Swagger. Winner: Alberto Del Rio

KP: I don’t care about Jack Swagger, I don’t see him as a good wrestling character. He’s got the skills in the ring but I just cannot for the life of me take him seriously. Del Rio despite the fact that he is a face, I buy him defending the world title and his people against the dastardly Swagger. I say he retains the World Title.

Note: I don’t expect a cash-in so if it happens I’ll be surprised.

Ace: Surprised to see Swags hang in there until Mania despite the run-in with the police a while back. This’ll be the shining moment that puts Del Rio over as the company’s new top Hispanic Babyface. I don’t see this feud lasting beyond Extreme Rules since Swagger has about as much personality as a bag of flour and this ‘Murrica bit with Zeb Coulter is getting a little worn out too quickly. Prove me wrong WWE.

Prediction: Alberto Del Rio retains.

Parker: When Swagger won the elimination chamber match to get this opportunity I was shocked that out of all the people that could be facing Del Rio at Mania WWE picked who I felt at the time was the worst possible candidate. I was even more angry when Swagger got arrested a couple of days later for DUI and possession and he still got this match at Mania! I hated Swagger before his makeover and I still hated him when he came back exactly the same except with a stupid beard and a manager! But then I started paying attention to his matches. He had a good match with D-Bry, then another one, and another one! He’s been having the best match on Raw and SD every week since EC! Now I’m actually really excited to see this world title match! It could be a show stealer if given the right amount of time, which is the problem I keep thinking about. Will they get more than 10 minutes? Prediction: Alberto Del Rio

Jee-S: I think this is the only match where I have no idea who wins. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Dolph Ziggler cashed in his briefcase, even though I’m not sure it’s a good idea. If I absolutely had to go with someone, I guess I’d go with Jack Swagger.

JT: This is the match that I’m most looking forward to in the sense that I have no idea what direction WWE is going with it. I’m not sure what the chemistry will be like between the pair, and I’m not sure who WWE is going to book for the win. I also wonder if WWE will bother with a Dolph Ziggler cash in, or if that is totally off the table at this point. The mystery behind the entire match is what makes it so intriguing for me. I predict Del Rio to retain the title.

WWE Championship: The Rock vs John Cena

ML: I’ll keep this short because of how much dislike I have expressed that The Rock is WWE Champion. This title reign has been obnoxious and a waste of time. Nothing significant has come out of it and nothing will. Cena’s “road to redemption” has been unbelievably predictable and just sad to watch. This match will lead to a rubber match at Extreme Rules.

Prediction: John Cena to become the NEW WWE Champion

JBru: FINALLY! The Rock has come back to…meh, you heard it before. You heard it ALL before! The promos, the segments, the jokes, the everything. And now it’s finally coming to an end (hopefully). It’s been on the dirt sheets for a while now that the only reason Rock won the title was to lose to Cena at the Show of Shows. This may be too predictable… Winner: John Cena

KP: One of the most irritating sights of 2013 has been seeing The Rock and John Cena interact. Why? Because it’s for the WWE Championship, a title that was risen from the dead by a full time/bust his ass kind of guy and it was given to a guy who appears on television as much as Little Jimmy used to. Either way as a fan we lose because Cena will regain the title and that’s the thing we wanted to get away from before CM Punk won the WWE title…just hope it’s entertaining this time around.

Ace: Once in a Lifetime? APRIL FOOLS! Did you forget WrestleMania fell on April 1st last year? To be honest I saw this coming from a mile away and it’s second least interesting match on the card (behind Tons of Funk vs. Bella Rhodes Scholars). The Rock has barely been around the past three months he’s had the belt and he hasn’t worked a match aside from PPVs with Punk. I expect to see more of the same from last year, except John’s going to be overly dramatic leading into his “come from behind” victory. Don’t be surprised if Rock/Cena III happens at WrestleMania XXX.

Prediction: Cena becomes new WWE Champion.

Parker: This is the most poorly hyped WWE title match in the history of WrestleMania. Thats what Vince gets for allowing the WWE Champion to be a part timer. Zero hype for me! Hopefully they realized that they can’t do a straight up wrestling match and just brawl. I’m hoping they would do something similar to the Austin/Rock matches of old and just straight up fight, but Cena isn’t Austin and Rock isn’t even Rock anymore. I’m really not looking forward to what might happen and I just hope it’s better than last year. Learn from your mistakes! Prediction: John Cena

Jee-S: Obviously John Cena. First of all, we can’t keep having a part-timer as the WWE Champion. Second because with John Cena being the face of the WWE, he has to beat The Rock and get his redemption. That is the plan unless they plan on taking the title away from Dwayne at Extreme Rules, for which he is also booked.

JT: Not impressed with this rematch and not happy with the lack of build for it. What more is there to say? If Rock keeps the title, then Cena should quit. The whole idea of having a part time WWE Champion is ridiculous, and the Rock’s lame title reign has proven that fact. Cena wins the WWE Title here. I don’t care if a heel turn happens or not, but it would definitely make it more interesting.

The Undertaker vs CM Punk

ML: This feud has become very personal and very serious in a few, short weeks but has become the most important feud on this card. Punk has risen his heel game to a new level and has become the most prominent heel in professional wrestling. There isn’t a better heel in the game. Taker is on the way out, he maybe he should have retired at the end of last year’s Mania match, in my opinion. CM Punk has escalated to new heights as a heel.

ML: CM Punk ends the streak

JBru: This is the match I’m really excited to see. It’s almost too foregone a conclusion that Taker will dispose of Punk like he has 20 others before him. But CM Punk has been relentless with the mind games; posing as a druid, mocking Paul Bearer’s voice, stealing the urn. CM Punk may be the one who actually breaks…ah, who am I kidding?! Winner: The Undertaker

KP: Best feud of this card bar none; I have more expectations in this match than all of the others combined. I hope it’s as good as I think it will be and that it’s a phenomenal match. I think the streak will not be broken, though I will probably watch this match in silence considering one I consider the greatest of all time and the other being the best right now.

Ace: What can I say? This has been a beautifully crafted feud, right down to Paul Heyman impersonating Paul Bearer on RAW. While I wish Bill was still around to speak in that shrill voice one last time and be in Taker’s corner (not to mention the jokes we could make about to overweight guys named Paul fighting each other at ringside) his untimely passing has been a blessing in disguise to this feud. Again, no matter where this match falls on the card it’s going to be the show stealer, and very well could be the main event (although we know between Rock’s ego and Cena’s ego that won’t happen).

We don’t know how many more matches Taker has left in the tank. While I think everybody would love to see The Deadman continue onward as a supernatural powerhouse through the ages, I think he may only have 1-2 more matches left in him. Maybe he’ll retire at 50? Maybe he wants the streak to end on an even number of 25-0? Or maybe he hasn’t found the one person worthy to be that “1.” Whatever the case may be, as much as I’m a Punk mark, I’m an even bigger Taker mark, so I’ll be cheering for him come Sunday.

Prediction: Undertaker extends his streak to 21-0.

Parker: Finally! Something to get hyped about! This match could absolutely be one of the greatest matches of all time! And it’s been the best hyped match out of all the main events this year! The story of Punk stealing Bearer’s urn is awesome and adds a personal element to this match! The only concern I have is the condition of the Undertaker and CM Punk. Taker’s almost 50 and Punks arm is banged up.

Hopefully none of that shows in this match and we get the absolute best out of these two at Mania. Also apparently Punk said he didn’t want to face Taker at Mania because there is no way he could make it interesting because the streak “can’t be ended.” Well I don’t care as long as its good. Win/loss records should mean nothing in wrestling; it’s whoever steals the show and as long as these two steal the show I’ll be happy. Prediction: Undertaker

Jee-S: Argh! Every year I weigh in on if the man who’s facing Taker is worthy of beating him and I think CM Punk would definitely be a good choice to be the one who ends the streak. Yet again, Taker is still undefeated at WrestleMania. I’ll say Taker to be safe, but it really could go either way. It will be epic, my friends.

JT: I know that WWE wants us to believe that the streak could end, but I’m not buying it. The match should be nothing short of five stars, but I don’t see Taker’s streak ending before he retires. It’s time for 21-0.

Final Thoughts:

KP: Expectations: It’s really only on one match and that’s because of the way WWE has built this card and who they chose for some of the matches. Some of them I don’t get, some I get but don’t want to happen. Sure I sound negative but majority of the main event bouts we’ve seen them before and two of which imo were lackluster/alright the first time around. I just hope these low expectations means the show will probably shut me up and blow me away.

JT: For the most part, WrestleMania usually always delivers in some form or another. The matches on this card are exceptional, and I honestly believe this could go down in history as the greatest WrestleMania of all time. Thanks for reading and enjoy the show! Feel free to leave your thoughts and predictions below! – add me

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