The Queen is Dead – “The Betrayal of Charlotte”


She was the 3rd overall pick and RAW’s 2nd pick in the 2016 WWE Draft.   Queen Charlotte had all the makings of the greatest Women’s Superstar of all time.  The creative decision to make her the focal point of the Women’s Revolution and Division was a layup.   It’s simple booking for the simplest of characters, Ric Flair’s daughter.  She is physically superior.  She can talk.  She has the pedigree.  She has the look.  She is very much the natural selection.

Unfortunately Charlotte was mishandled from jump street.  She entered the main roster in one of the worst handled storylines ever.  The introduction of the Women’s Revolution was essentially the Invasion angle 2.0.  Horrendous.  Three factions with horrible names and countless mis-categorized personas later, the Revolution needed to hit the restart button.   This restart was started with Charlotte’s heel turn and the Women’s Division took off.  Charlotte established herself as the dominate woman among the group, winning the Triple Threat at WrestleMania and becoming the first ever WWE Women’s Champion of the modern era.   From there, like a Zack Ryder push, it all went down hill without any notice or any logic.

The Queen should have NEVER been kicked off her throne.  As we sit here less than a month away from WrestleMania, Charlotte’s current title reign total sits at four.  It should sit at one.  Charlotte should have never lost that title.   It was an absolute criminal and shortsighted decision to play hot potato with the WWE Women’s Championship.   I would argue that the biggest crime is not even the mishandling of the title reigns, but rather the storylines that can be traced back to NXT that were completely disregarded and butchered.  This is nothing short of treason.

Let’s look at what the Raw Women’s Division could have been …

Sasha Banks, the assumed heir to Charlotte’s throne should have spent this past year battling injuries, falling short of her dream and losing time after time to Charlotte all because she refused to stoop to the level of The Queen.  Banks should have built the picture perfect babyface story all just in time for her big moment at WrestleMania.  The only catch is that Sasha’s story did not have a fairytale ending.  Orlando would indeed be the end of Charlotte’s reign and the crowning of a new champion, but it would not be The Boss who would sit upon WWE’s brass throne at WrestleMania’s conclusion.  Enter Bayley.

Bayley would find a way into a match with Charlotte, maybe even a Triple Threat with Banks as the third wheel.  Sasha does the work, but Bayley is the one who gets the 1 .. 2 .. 3 and claims her lifelong dream and WrestleMania moment.   Sasha is left in the cold and chooses to leave her moral code with it.  She turns on Bayley and off we go …

All of the above would have been possible had Charlotte not been betrayed by WWE Creative.   Her current legacy is now known for a watered down PPV Streak, robotic promos and forgettable title reigns.  Rather than treat Charlotte like the Queen that she is, the WWE has chosen treat her like a joke.  They have somehow made the Queen into a Jester, which is appropriate, because the joke is on us.

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