The Rock Reveals His Favorite Opponents, Jokes About When Wrestling Is Fake


– Check out the The Rock’s new Q&A session for his YouTube channel, he answers many wrestling-related question, check out the highlights and video below:

The Rock on his favorite opponents:

“I have worked with the greatest of the greats in wrestling and I love all these guys,” he said. “There’s two guys in pro wrestling in terms of wrestlers: one would have to be Triple H, and the other one would have to be ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. Both guys I love, both guys I respect [and] admire. They’re great friends to this day.”

The Rock jokes on when wrestling is fake:

“Always remember that those matches that you loved in the past that I won, it was very real, I legitimately beat those individuals,” The Rock joked. “I beat everybody when I won, 1-2-3, it’s real. The matches that I lost, everything in that match was fake, there’s no way that I can ever lose. So that’s when you know it’s fake as hell, it’s a bunch of bullsh-t.”


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