The Rock Says Feud With Steve Austin Was Cut Short


At WrestleMania XV in 1999, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin captured the WWE Championship from The Rock in a memorable “Attitude Era” encounter. While the rivalry continued at various points over the following four years, this program pitting babyface Austin against a heel Rock was originally scheduled to carry WWE throughout the year. However, it was discontinued at the following month’s pay-per-view event, with Rock losing a title rematch. “The Great One” turned face shortly thereafter, and the two didn’t feud again until 2001 for WrestleMania X-Seven, with both wrestlers entering the match as babyfaces.

Recalling the event in an interview published in the latest installment of WWE Magazine, Rock says, “Ironically, WrestleMania was supposed to be the beginning of The Rock-Austin rivalry, as far pay-per-view storylines, television, etc. was concerned. After WrestleMania, things just started to change. The fans were behind me.”

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