The Rock Still #1 Contender, Triple H on SmackDown, CM Punk on Next Week’s RAW, The Undertaker

– WWE announced on tonight’s RAW that Triple H will be returning to SmackDown on this Friday’s show.

– Paul Heyman announced on tonight’s show that CM Punk will return next week to address his loss to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29.

– WWE teased another feud for The Undertaker on tonight’s RAW. He was interrupted by The Shield but before they could attack, Kane and Daniel Bryan came out for the save. Taker, Kane and Bryan stood up against The Shield as they backed off through the crowd.

– It was stated on tonight’s RAW that The Rock is still the #1 contender to the WWE Title and will get a rematch against WWE Champion John Cena. No word yet on when WWE is planning that rematch.

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  • Stevontte Bonnie Boo Mcclary


  • joe

    the rock sucks d***, dude gets s*** handed to him for his past. go back to hollywood you f***ing joke

    • allan mccann

      lol joke ,hate the rock now if you want cause he has a very busy schedule…. but joke hardly, rock was only “the rock” for about 4 years full time in wwe, and within that time he became one of the greatest off a time. hes a 7 time champion and a corner stone of the attitude era…hell besides cm punk hes about the only guy in the locker room that talks like a real man.. you just sound very bitter dude


    If you smellllllllllll the next movie the Rock is making. I am no means no John Cena fan, but at least he is some what young and full time wrestler.

  • Guest

    I don’t feel so bad I stopped when WWE was SCSA this, SCSA that. Zzzzz.

  • delrvich

    I don’t feel so bad I stopped watching WWE when they were SCSA this, SCSA that. Zzzzz.


    John Cena vs Rock 3 = boring as hell and not necessary.