The Rock to Be Featured on WWE 2k14 Video Game Cover


Stephanie McMahon announced on Twitter that The Rock will grace the cover of the newly branded series, WWE 2k14.

“Breaking News: @TheRock will be featured on the cover of WWE 2K 14″ Casey Collins EVP CPG #BPS#Wrestlemania”

The WWE 2K14 video game is scheduled for a Autumn 2013 release.

Big News on the Original Person Scheduled to Be on WWE 2k14 & Why Were Nixed….


  1. god image if rock came back every week and competed like a real performer….wwe would call it the rock show and it would be 3 hours of the rock reading promo’s off his wrist.

    • Might as well just put Goldberg…Ryback is a boring wrestler with No personality and his promos sucks…has no speaking skills…just another ultimate warrior or goldberg clone

      • Goldbergs not worth it either lol, I think the big reason not to put ryback on the cover is cause in really don’t think this guy is gonna be around the that long ,but anyone is better on the cover then a guy wont even be around the wwe when it comes out


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