The Shield Cuts Promo on CM Punk Leaving, Cody Mocks The NAO, Emma


– Cody Rhodes cut a catchy promo on The New Age Outlaws via Tout on Saturday:

– WWE NXT Diva Emma was in the crowd for last night’s WWE live event in Wichita, Kansas. She appeared during a Natalya vs. Tamina Snuka match to dance and wave her sign around.

– There were lots of CM Punk chants at last night’s live event in Wichita. It was announced earlier in the show that fans could get refunds for CM Punk not being there. The Shield cut a promo on Punk not being there and said we should all be glad that he went home.

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  1. Yep now I believe it’s a work, if WWE takes away his signs then they wouldn’t even let their talent speak of him, even if they were heels.

    • It’s a house show. Nothing that happens there actually counts in Vince’s world, so it technically never happened.

      • While I agree to a certain extent, there are also things that point to this BEING a work. Namely, he is still on the WWE website as of a few minutes ago. If this was all real (and I’m not completely ruling that out, either), especially with the way it sounded it went down, they probably would’ve pulled any mention of CM Punk on their website.

        Now, that could very well be a sign of the WWE not giving up on Punk. Maybe they figure if they pull all mention of him, then Punk will be gone for good. Time will tell, but I don’t really know what to believe.


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